Friday, August 05, 2011

Where Are We Going?

During the recent debt ceiling debate in the United States, I couldn't help but wonder whether Americans have a clue what their government is doing. The debate centers around raising the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the limit on how much the United States can borrow. Raising the debt ceiling  actuality means that the Fed simply creates more dollars out of thin air. There is now more money chasing the same amount of goods and services, which leads to rising prices. Prices rise because every additional dollar that is created lowers the value of every dollar currently in existence, which is why we pay more for everything. This is bad for older Americans, the poor, and those who have saved and invested. And it is bad for every investor worldwide who is holding dollar-denominated investments.

That is why Libya, for example, refuses to accept dollars anymore in payment for their oil, and is the real reason the U.S. entered that conflict. Our government has been hijacked by special interests like Big Oil. Our foreign policy is dictated by Big Business and special interests.

Every extra dollar placed into the system erodes the vale of every dollar currently exiting. The idea is that this extra money will stimulate the economy, but the economy is not responding. So what is next?
A further round of money creation by the Fed is being talked about, but this is just a band-aid on a ruptured artery. The recent debt agreement created a so-called "Super Congress," a panel of 12 Republicans and Democrats who will make decisions for the Congress on monetary matters. This is unconstitutional, for it allows an elite group of 12, instead of the entire Congress, to make decisions in secret about Congresses responsibility on the budget. More tyranny.

The United States is headed ultimately for default or an economic collapse, if present trends continue.
So what can we do?

1) We can stop looking for answers in Washington D.C. That place is corrupted, and the Congress now resembles a rubber stamp for the banks and Big Oil.

2) Connect with people in your community. Create a thriving local community, which will help to shield us from the insanities of federal policies and breakneck spending.

3) When you vote, vote independent, not Democrat or Republican. I always vote for Ron Paul even though he is a Republican. But Paul gets it. So does Dennis Kuchinich, Democrat from Ohio. But these are two are exceptions. If we want change we have to vote change. Let's change the status-quo in Congress!
See this article:

It’s unbelievab­le. The media is still reporting that “the debt ceiling deal enacted large spending cuts over the next decade.” This is a lie. There are no spending cuts. Spending will grow and grow, just at a slightly lower rate of increase IF the plan is enacted. So we are buying a smaller yacht instead of a luxury yacht, even though we are barely paying our bills. Is this “savings?” According to the illogic of government and the media, it is.

We just went through this with the sub-prime mortgage crisis! Banks were selling expensive mortgages to people living in trailer parks, and they knew Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac would pick up the tab (meaning, of course, that the taxpayer picked up the tab). Now we are doing it again?

I have a suggestion­: let’s all go out and buy Rolls Royce’s– but we’ll buy the less expensive model, and we’ll have “spending cuts.”

Monday, May 30, 2011

The recent “end of the world” postulated by poor old Harold Camping got me thinking about the human condition, and Christian concepts like the Rapture. The Rapture is supposed to be an Event whereby the true believers are called to heaven, while the rest of us continue in our mundane and pointless existences on earth. Like almost all Biblical or ancient references, it does contains a grain of truth, albeit a distorted truth.

There are now seven billion human beings on earth, far more than at any time in human history. It is apparent to even a casual observer of life that events on planet earth are moving extremely rapidly. We are seeing an explosion of information, instant communication planet-wide, a bewildering eruption of financial and economic changes, and crazy weather all over the planet. How can all of this be explained?

From the limited viewpoint of the five human senses, it all seems confusing. From the body reality, physical events occur haphazardly and human affairs seem directed by coincidence, or “historical forces.” Attempts to explain the direction of human events usually degenerate unsatisfactorily into conspiracy theories. You know, the Gulf Oil Spill was a conspiracy by BP to raise oil prices, the nuclear accident in Japan was caused by a man-made tsunami, etc. There are dozens of conspiracy theories generated to explain every catastrophic event. We instinctively understand that people are responsible for events, but we don’t understand the broader picture: physical events are a result of physical actions combined with the influence of an invisible, programmable, holographic field of subtle energy that all people on earth are contributing to. Now there’s a mouthful! My new movie, “The Evolution of Human Consciousness,” explains this in greater detail.

Conspiracy theories and end-of-the-world scenarios are attempts to explain the direction of events solely from the five-sense reality of the body. But there is a much larger game being played outside the level of the body reality! We are all a part of this “higher” reality, which is at the invisible level of consciousness. More and more human beings are waking up to the idea that they are more than just the perceptions that filter through the body’s sensory system. People are discovering that there is another level of perception beyond the body’s five senses; a vast gateway not only to the multidimensional nature of the All-That-Is, but also to new physical laws and an understanding of life that goes far beyond five-sense reality. Here, my guidance tells me, is where the action is. It is at this level that we program the stage play called earth, and set the boundaries of what is possible and what is not.

Scientifically, of course, the above is preposterous, and the arbiter of truth on our planet is science. However, science (understandably) rejects anything that isn’t measurable and provable to the reality of the five human senses. That is what it has been designed to do. Science by definition is based firmly within the body reality, and so it naturally dismisses concepts that cannot fit within its matrix of provable phenomena.
To prove anything scientifically, it must fit within the body reality. Scientific instruments are all designed to relay data to the five human senses. In other words, an instrument may display data graphically, or beep when something is measured, because that is the only way data from the physical universe can be understood. The problem is that the scientific framework has been used to “prove” that spirituality is non-existent and delusional. Well, of course a system of investigation that is based firmly in the body reality will generate results within that framework. Garbage in, garbage out!

How do you explain intuition scientifically? You can’t. How do you explain psychic phenomena, or that you feel a greater sense of personal power, or awareness, or compassion for life? You can’t, using a system that has not been designed to even acknowledge its existence. Even so, a lot of us are experiencing such things! But it’s very difficult to explain these ideas coherently. When I do my radio show, Interview With Spirit, I am constantly banging up against the English language. English is a wonderful medium of expression, but it is firmly mired in body reality. There are almost no words that correctly express spiritual ideas! And so those of us who are waking up are trying to express ideas for which there is no established conceptual framework. There are no proper words. It is very difficult.

The idea of the Christian Rapture, for instance, is that those who have a certain belief system will be saved while the rest perish. What the Rapture is trying to express is the idea that humanity is evolving out of the body reality and into greater spiritual awareness. What is not understood is that this evolution is happening to everyone, not just the Chosen Few. We are all chosen! The New Reality – for want of a better word -- includes the body reality, but also makes us aware of our Higher Selves, and the multi-dimensional nature of the All-That-Is. We don’t want to make the mistake of saying that the body reality is lower, or something we need to ignore. The body and the physical playground are enormously captivating and exciting; it’s what we incarnated on earth to experience! It took us a lot of time to construct the physical universe; and the adventures we have all had, from lifetime to lifetime, are the stuff of legends when we return to Native State. But we also need to remember our connection with spirit. The combination of the body reality linked with increased spiritual awareness, and the understanding that our reality is programmable from the level of consciousness itself, makes our physical experience so much better. It’s like having a wonderful dinner along with a really superb wine. Why not enjoy both together?

How is humanity evolving in consciousness?

The engine of consciousness evolution in the physical begins with the rapid human population increase, which is creating an excitation within this higher “spiritual” reality.

Human Population Growth

Consider the idea that there really is an ether, an invisible substrate that permeates all physical objects. The ether would be like a gigantic holographic information system, accessible to every human being, and programmable through thought and intent. We don’t believe that such a thing exists because our authorities are rooted within the body reality. It takes a higher level of consciousness, unprovable scientifically, to even reach for this concept. And because it is outside of the body reality, it is not a subject for serious investigation.

In the vibrational universe concept, matter, energy, and thought are vibrational in nature, and thought has a direct effect on physical structure. Scientifically, within the body reality, the vibrational nature of atomic structure is accepted. It is not such a leap of the imagination to suppose that thoughts and emotions are vibrational as well (for further exploration of these ideas, you can view “The Unity of Spirit and Matter,” and “The Vibrational Universe movie,” free at In any system that is well-designed, you have to have a way to access it and repair it. In every system there is an information system associated with it. Your stove comes with a schematic that shows every part and how the appliance is put together. A house comes with a blueprint. Your cell phone not only has a schematic but a separate user manual that shows you how to program the device. The more sophisticated the system, the more likely it is to be programmable: the cell phone is more programmable than the stove, for example, but each system has information associated with it. Is it such a stretch to say that the earth herself has such an information system? I think not! The earth is the most complex and sophisticated system we know of! This tells us that even simple things like rocks and so-called “inanimate” objects also have associated information systems. I believe that these information systems were used by our so-called “primitive” ancestors, to machine and lift stones weighing 100 tons, and to create a linked series of monuments all over the planet that would be difficult or impossible for our engineers to duplicate today.

So let us assume that the earth herself is somehow programmable. How would we access the earth’s information system?

Holographic earth

We know that health can be affected by stress and improved by thinking and acting more positively. What if the earth could be similarly affected by thought and intent? What if we could re-program what is possible by re-programming our own personal databases and our own lives? If that were possible, then physical events within the Matrix of Body Reality would be affected. In the past we have simply programmed our species for conflict, scarcity, and contention. However, when millions of people ask for greater prosperity, more tolerance, and an end to war, this has a tremendous effect on the earth’s information systems, and upon the species consciousness. The earth’s information system is the background vibration that is the backdrop for all human activity. It affects the parameters of permissible action. That is why we are seeing events changing so rapidly. We, the people of earth, are altering our reality through our thoughts and desires, and this is having a tremendous effect on our political and economic structures within the body reality.

Right now, however, we have not yet written coherent programming for our future, because the human race is still an adolescent species. The first requisite for a mature species is, at the very least, tolerance. The continuing conflict amongst human groups reflects a fragmented consciousness. It’s no wonder then, that although more and more of us are waking up, the human race does not yet have a coherent identity, and so we have not yet written coherent programming. That is why events have been so chaotic! We know what we don’t want (the current system) but we have not yet decided what we do want.
However, the continuing increase in human population will provide more spiritual oomph to enable us to transcend the body reality, and make a tipping point in consciousness even more likely. The invisible, subtle information systems of earth are being programmed every day by the thought and intent of individual human beings. In combination, we collectively program what is possible. Does this seem nutty? Does it seem crazy that all of us are responsible for what happens in our own lives and to the planet? Or do you prefer to believe that there are a few powerful crazies in the world who control events, and the rest of us are just victims? Does it seem silly to say that each one of us is a programmer of our reality? Well, it is silly if you are only aware of the body reality.

Adolescents whine and winge that the world is unfair and that they are not understood. Well, this is precisely what the human race has been doing for thousands of years. We complain about politicians and bankers and other low-life's, blaming our problems on others. We don't understand that individuals, collectively, are responsible for what is happening. We are the programmers and we determine what programs will run in the world; what actions are permissible, and the lines the actors on the stage can say. We, the audience, have in the past, not woken up to our power to close the play down and write a new one!

But that is changing now.

The more incarnated spirits there are on earth, the more the earth’s subtle fields of information/energy become activated, just as heat applied to a pan of water will excite the molecules and make them move faster and faster. By our very numbers, we are creating an excitation and an increase in the background vibration that affects all life on earth. This increasing vibration will allow new programming, at a higher level, to replace the old programming of contention and conflict. As humanity wakes up we will discover our power, celebrate our differences, and understand our shared divinity.

And it will also be accompanied by a recognition that the body reality is just a subset of a much larger, and more beautiful, way of being and living.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I haven't posted in here for a long time because I've been busier than a one-legged butt-kicker!

What is on my mind is the continuing polarization of our political and financial sectors. I cannot even listen to the "news" anymore, because for me it is so obviously just propaganda. ABC,CBS, NBC, FOX, NPR, all of these "news" outlets essentially broadcast the same information. Our "news" services are owned and controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, by corporations with agendas.

We are told that our Democratic and Republican representatives in Congress are debating about how to cut 50 or 60 billion dollars from a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. The deficit for 2011 fiscal year is expected to be over a trillion dollars. Yessir, cutting that 50 billion (in domestic spending, of course) will make a real big dent in the deficit!

Meanwhile, the "defense" department of the United States is spending over half a trillion trillion dollars every year. The United States military has bases all over the world. According to Wikipedia, the military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries, with more than 369,000 of its 1,580,255 active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories. Many of our troops are still located at installations activated during the Cold War. Since 2001, the US has redeployed some of its forces as part of the "War on Terror."

The U.S. is fighting two pointless wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, yet our representatives and our president cannot rationally answer a simple question like "What are we doing in Afghanistan?" "What are we doing in Iraq?"

A friend of mine asserts that the U.S. military must be present all over the world to "defend our freedoms." Yet in the United States, we have less and less freedom every year, so that can't be the answer.

What is the obvious solution?

We can start by drastically cutting the inflated Defense budget. That is, if we really believe in peace and freedom, and not war. Because our "Defense" Department is actually a Department of War. It's DoubleSpeak, just as George Orwell predicted in his book, 1984. Orwell said, if you'll recall, that "war is peace." How prescient! And while we're at it, let's haul the director of the CIA into Congress and ask him what his agencies are up to and how much money is going in to the "intelligence community." My guess is hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is falling apart and our economy is struggling.

There's a gigantic dent in our budget deficit.

Of course, chicken-little's in the mainstream media will squawk that the sky will fall if we bring our troops home. "But we can't fight the war on terrorism if we stick our heads in the sand!" they will cry. Well, we simply can't afford our defense budget anymore. We have to live within our means. And the war on terrorism is just an excuse to pass more draconian legislation like the Patriot Acts and the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act, that further restrict our freedoms. The wars in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the war on terrorism, keep us in fear and divert our attention away from the gutting of our Constitution and the destruction of our financial sector.

We don't have a budget deficit in the United States. The IRS is set to collect over 2 trillion dollars this year! What we have is insane budget priorities.

The budget of the Unites States is geared toward war, it is as simple as that. And war is insane.

Our defense department does not defend the United States. It is an offensive organization that invades weaker countries and misspends tens of billions every year. Our intelligence community gives bad advice year after year, and is not held accountable. It's budget is not known by anyone in government. Both of these organizations drain hundreds of billions from our budget every year, and are unnecessary for true freedom.

In effect, the government of the people has been taken over by a cancer that has infected every department.

So what can we, the people, do?

The first thing we can do is stop voting Democrat or Republican, except for those Dems and Reps who show true integrity (like congressman Ron Paul). Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the bad decisions that have decimated our economy, our finances, and our politics.

A Congress filled with third-party representatives would certainly be willing to embark on real change! If we want real change we have to actually change, not just give lip-service to change.

The second thing we can do is audit the privately-owned Federal Reserve. Our government pays hundreds of billions of dollars in interest every year to this privately owned organization, for the sole purpose of printing and managing the money supply.

This, of course, is preposterous when the constitution gives the government the right to print and manage money. So the next thing the government can do is to refuse to pay the Fed the interest owing on the money it has lent to the United States. This money isn't real anyway, it's simply an electronic creation of the Fed, and has no real value.

Why should the people of the United States pay interest on worthless money to a bunch of people who have grossly mismanaged the dollar, and inflated it all out of proportion? We could save trillions of dollars right there. In answer to the argument that "you should always pay your debts," I say that we have already paid our debt to the Federal Reserve a hundred times over. No more money to the Fed and it's private owners! Let's institute an honest money system and let the Federal government print and manage our money, not a privately-owned bank. If we are going to have fiscal irresponsibility, let it be done by representatives who are accountable to the people, not unreachable persons like Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, and Ben Bernaicke.

But in order to do that, of course, we need new blood in Congress, and that means electing many more third party representatives. It isn't possible to do worse than these two corrupt gangs!

The problems that we have in the United States can be solved by the people taking back their government. We must abolish the Federal Reserve, end the phony war on terrorism, and bring our troops back home to work productively in the United States.
Our brave men and women in the armed forces are trained in leadership and hard work, and would be enormous assets in the domestic economy.

The rest of the world is waiting for us to do this. And the "terrorists" are largely a creation of the intelligence communities of the world, to keep the people fearful and allow them to suck us dry like the parasites they are.

If you had a bunch of blood-sucking leeches on your body, the first thing your doctor would do is remove them!

The third thing we can do is publish the budget of the intelligence services, and find out exactly what these fellows are doing. We need strong Congressional oversight over both the military and the intelligence community, to re-establish civilian control over organizations that have run amok.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Taking Sides

“Are you for Obama or for McCain?” “Are you a Liberal or a Conservative?” “Do you favor the death penalty for murderers?”

These questions, and many others we get asked a lot in life, are examples of “choices” that are actually representative of a polarized situation. More specifically, they are representative of a primitive information system; and require you to take sides. There are only two sides, or two data points, in such a primitive information system.

Information systems help us to organize data so that data can be used to perform useful work. Banks, corporations, and businesses of all kinds use information systems to keep track of accounts, sales, payroll, etc.

Every choice you make in life is dependent in one way or another on an information system. The problem is, we don’t recognize that the situations we get into in life are composed of information, and can be resolved by simply examining the information contained within the situation.

Primitive information systems are polarizing, and force you to take sides. They have very limited degrees of freedom, which means that the choices you have are limited. Nuanced information systems have many degrees of freedom, and offer a wide variety of choices. These nuanced information systems, however, can only be maintained in a cooperative environment.

For example, a hierarchical system like the military offers you limited choices: you follow orders or get kicked out. Any pyramidical structure, like a dictatorship, forces you to “toe the line” because there are almost no degrees of freedom. “Degrees of freedom” is a term that comes from physics, and it describes all of the possible states of a system. For example, a weather system might have any number of possible states, from clear and dry to windy and stormy. If a physical system is constrained to act only in certain ways, it has a limited degree of freedom. The swinging pendulum on a clock, for example, is constrained to go back and forth over the same path, over and over. But when you put a pot of water on the stove to boil, the water molecules can fly off in many different directions. In the United States, we once had many more degrees of freedom than we do now. Draconian laws passed after 9-11 to “fight terrorism” have restricted the freedoms of all citizens. When my wife and I tried to go to Vancouver, Canada in 2008, we had to cancel the trip because her passport had expired. Before 9 – 11, people passed freely back and forth over the Canadian border without hindrance.

(If you think that the restriction of freedom is coincidental, you need to see the film presented by Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project. In it, Dr. Carol Rosin, an aerospace executive and associate of the late Werner von Braun, father of the American space program, describes how von Braun in 1977 predicted the militarization of space in four stages, using four threats: the Cold War, terrorism (so-called “rogue states” like North Korea or Iran), an asteroid, and finally, the threat of an alien invasion. Von Braun stated categorically (and he was in a position to know) that a hoaxed “alien invasion” would be the pretext for the establishment of a world dictatorship by a group of nutty people who currently control the distribution of fossil fuels. Von Braun said, “and Carol, ALL of it is a lie.” But that is a subject for another article.

In life, it is generally better for our mental health to get involved in situations that give us a lot of choices, rather than just a few. When you walk into the TV store to buy an HDTV, it’s better to have 60 choices than just one or two. In general, the more degrees of freedom you have, the better off you are. If you have 5 job offers, with a range of opportunities and salary, it’s better than just having one measly offer.
A hierarchical information system constrains the participants, and involves a small number of choices. These primitive information systems create environments that force you to take sides, and make it easy for those at the top to manipulate the system. They are, by definition, polarizing. If there are only a very limited number of choices, it’s much easier to keep track of what everyone is doing, and stop unwanted behavior. That is why tyrannical political and economic systems always work to limit choices, and are often characterized by conflict. People like choices, and they don’t like to be constrained! Whenever you see a lot of conflict, examine the situation and the players, and look to see what kind of information system has been created. You will almost always find a polarized environment with very few choices.

Whenever you see a system that is going in the direction of limiting choices, you can be assured that that system is being manipulated for the benefit of a few.

Information systems with lots of degrees of freedom, on the other hand, are always based on cooperation, and result in high productivity, creativity, and freedom of choice for the participants.
In life, the idea is to get involved with nuanced information systems that offer a large number of choices. Successful organizations maintain a creative environment for their employees, and allow them a large degree of freedom to make choices in the execution of the duties. Control freaks and other insecure people always work to create systems with limited choices.

Cooperation is the first requisite of any sane organization or society, and requires that participants freely agree on the goals. All group members are “on the same page.” Successful organizations have managed to get around the idea of “taking sides” and have established an organizational culture in which agreement on a clearly defined goal, and cooperative action, are primary. They do this by creating information systems (environments) with many degrees of freedom. In these lively and productive organizations, participants perceive no, or very few, barriers to the goal.

The point of this article is to remind you that simply by observing a situation, you can count the number of degrees of freedom and that will tell you whether you are involved in a situation that is likely to be polarizing, or cooperative. You can look at how a group you are in (or a country) is evolving (toward more, or restricted, choices) and determine what is likely to happen next.

So how does a situation evolve into a polarized one, or into one that leads to cooperation and agreement? Well, we can probably agree that a polarized situation – like a family feud, or politics – is immature and inefficient. A cooperative organization is uptone and productive. A polarized group is inefficient, because individuals within it are fighting each other, trying to ascend to some position of status at the expense of others.

Politics, of course, is the ultimate in immaturity. Politicians need to take sides in order to show that they are strong on issues of concern to the voters, indicating that the entire information system is very primitive.
What do you do when you take sides? You define a position clearly and hold to it. But almost paradoxically, this is exactly what you have to do when applying the Law of Attraction to a positive goal and sticking to it for success. If you don’t know what you want, you certainly can’t develop a plan to get it! Without a clear idea of what is wanted, there is no intent, and without intent there is no effective action.

In order for intent to exist you have to hold a position. But there has to be a distinction between holding a position in a polarizing and unproductive situation, and holding a position cooperatively in order to accomplish a goal. Because the political choices are so limited in the United States, for example, desperate voters lurch toward the Democrats and back to the Republicans in a desperate hope that one of these parties can solve our problems. Two years ago, in 2008, American voters evicted the Republicans because they were incompetent. Now, voters want to throw out the Democrats and replace them with the Republicans! Nothing seems to change, because a primitive information system is locked into conflict on a very limited series of issues. As Albert Einstein once said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

In politics, taking a position is almost always confrontational and argumentative. This situation almost always leads to a stalemate, because the intent is to block the other side from achieving their agenda. Cooperation also requires a very clear-cut goal and a very firm position, but the difference is broad agreement. In successful groups there is broad agreement on the goal, AND the absence of perceived barriers. Agreement on a goal is characteristic of any group, even a severely polarized group. The difference between a productive, cooperative group and a polarized group is that in the former there is a concentration on a positive goal, and in the latter the group members are fighting obstacles.
Take, for example, an organization such as a brokerage firm that engages in naked short selling. Naked short selling is an illegal form of trading all too common in our stock markets, involving the sale of phantom securities. A brokerage firm that engages in these activities will automatically see a barrier in governmental organizations like the SEC that are mandated by law to eradicate illegal trading practices. So this group will almost automatically evolve into a polarized group in which enemies are seen, and fought against, in the routine day-to-day operation of their organization.

A polarized environment will be created whenever any group perceives an obstacle to their goal. “We have to defeat our competition before we can be number one in our market. Therefore we have to squash XYZ Corp before we can be successful.” What if the group had this idea instead: “We will make such a great product, and back it up so well, that we will soon be number one in our market.” In both cases, a firm position was agreed upon, but in the latter case, the group members didn’t focus on barriers; they focused on a positive goal.

Perceived barriers will often morph into an “us against them” mentality. Sometimes that mentality can create an esprit-de-corps – as in a military group sent off to fight together against an enemy. But most often a polarized belief system will result in resistance to the perceived barrier, and in inefficiency.
So the way to judge whether a group is worth joining is to look at the level of cooperation within it, and determine whether it is fighting against something. But there are nuances to cooperation itself!
Hierarchical, top-down structures are usually controlled from the top and get individuals to “toe the line.” If you observe these groups you can see members cooperating, but if you look closer, paying attention to the scale of vibration/emotion, you can see that participants are acting out of fear or because “we have to.” These organizations often use fear, or sanctions, to control group members. These organizations are inefficient, because the participants are not self-motivated; the group members need a “kick in the pants” to keep them working.

Even groups that have a positive goal can be polarized, however. Charitable organizations can have a culture of competition, where members are trying to outdo each other, or rise to positions where they get to make decisions for the group. Such internal polarization makes the group inefficient, using much of their creative energy in intra-organizational struggles for power.

Effective cooperation must involve not only agreement, but also willingness, of the participants. And this leads us directly back to the scale of emotion/vibration. True cooperation exists at the higher levels of emotion; control structures exist somewhere around fear and anger, and no organization is possible if you go low enough on the scale.

Higher emotions: Cooperation: high volume of life force used for creative purposes. Few or no barriers seen in the group’s accomplishment of its goals. Focus of group members is outward toward the goal, not in internal struggles for power. High degree of freedom.

Anger, Fear: Hierarchical organizations: dictatorships, etc. Life force controlled, used for domination. Overcoming barriers, or internal struggles for power, are a prominent part of the group’s culture. Very limited degree of freedom.

Apathy: No organization possible; too little life force available

Organizations and groups that limit choice force participants down the scale of vibration/emotion. Then you either get a revolution and the group disintegrates, or the group goes down the scale to apathy and it falls apart. This has been the pattern for humanity for the past 5,000 years: rise and fall. And it always starts by limiting choices. In this article, I’m trying to show how limiting choices creates primitive information systems that can be easily recognized, and then changed for the better.

You can judge the effectiveness and the intelligence of an organization by its position on the scale of vibration/emotion. And you can measure that by just looking around and observing the group members.
I hope that this article has made it easier for you to observe the groups you belong to, and to evaluate them. I guarantee that you will have a much better time in those groups devoted to cooperation, and that offer many degrees of freedom, than those devoted to fighting for or against something.

The key is to recognize that all organizations and groups create information systems. Look behind the players and determine what that information system is, and whether it is evolving toward greater or lesser choice.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This month we look at banking and finance, the underpinnings for any political system, and introduce a fascinating book that illustrates one man’s personal awakening about the United States’ role in the global economy.

The banking sector of the Western world is creating a global debt machine that is sucking the life out of the economy, transferring wealth from the middle classes to the elites who control the creation of money. Find out how this works and what you can do about it!

1) Renaissance 2.0

From the Council on Spiritual, Psychological, and Economic Renewal. In this 6 part video course, discover how the banking system has evolved globally, and taken politics along with it, and what we can do to “brighten the future.”

2) Andrew Gause analyzes the “Financial Reform” bill

Ever wonder what was in that gigantic financial reorganization bill Congress passed recently? It is over 2,300 pages! I can guarantee that no one in Congress has read the entire bill, yet it was voted on and passed anyway.

Well, noted currency historian Andrew Gause HAS read all 2,300+ pages of the bill, and he discusses it in this radio interview with an independent Austin, Texas radio station. This is important information for all Americans.

Part 1 of 9 ten minute You Tube videos:

3) Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man by John Perkins

Here is a personal story of what we have been discussing in 1) and 2).

Mr. Perkins wrote his book in 2004 after a career in an international consulting firm, covertly working for the National Security Agency. This memoir is well written, informative, and eye-opening.

Now an international best-seller, Perkins says about his book: “It is accomplishing an important objective in inspiring people to think and talk and to know that we can change the world.”

Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow
private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will
grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers

Kenneth J. M. MacLean

We have all heard the advice that “accepting” whatever situation you are in will lead to a positive result. This is basically the same as “say yes to it” or “stop resisting it.”

My reaction to hearing this sort of generalized self-help guidance is: whatever.

It’s good advice, but very glib. When you are actually IN an undesirable situation, you don’t want to hear anyone say “just accept it.” At least I don’t! I’m looking for practical solutions and I want them NOW.

My emotional reaction is usually something like this: “excuse me, but the situation is NOT acceptable! If I accept a bad situation I am just rolling over and giving up. How can you get a positive outcome by accepting something negative? It doesn’t make sense!”

Well, it turns out that accepting the situation IS the key to a positive outcome. But you have to do it a certain way.

I am going to share two examples from real life to illustrate this idea, from Amanda Goldston, my co-host on the Interview With Spirit show. Amanda’s examples are compelling because they are serious, real-life situations that were solved, almost magically, by the fundamental idea of acceptance..

Amanda is involved in a serious dispute with a mortgage company that is trying to take away her home. She has been battling this situation for over two years now.

After writing the mortgage company for 2 years, sending them reams of data about their payment history, going to court, and basically bitching up a storm and getting really angry at the system for its perceived injustices, she and her husband sat down and decided to look at the situation without prejudice, because they were in real danger of losing their house and having to move in with relatives. It was their contention that they owed the company no money other than the monthly mortgage payment, which was being paid every month by social services. The mortgage company asserted that the homeowners owed several thousand pounds in late fees and other charges.

Amanda and Greg went through all of the documents and looked at the entire history of their dealings with the company. After a totally honest and direct look at the facts – something that was VERY difficult to do because of the emotions surrounding the events – Amanda and Greg concluded that yes, maybe they really might owe the company some money. They looked at each other and faced the fact that they may in fact lose their house. At first this was very hard to accept, but since they had fully confronted the situation and the emotions and the resistance surrounding it, they were able – for the first time – to feel calm about having to leave, and began to draw up contingency plans.

Then something interesting happened. A short while after their sit-down, Amanda found herself at the computer, writing a letter to the company. She told me that she hardly knew what she was typing; it was as if someone else was dictating and she was just hitting the keyboard. Eight pages later, she had finished. She then enclosed a bill for 500 pounds, along with the letter, to the company for “wasting our time.” The company immediately sent a form letter back, once again demanding payment of fees and charges, so Amanda re-sent the letter with another $500 pound “wasting my time” invoice. The invoice was a little joke from her to the mortgage company.

Amazingly, after a delay of several weeks, the company sent her a letter back with a “valued customer appreciation” check, and ended the letter by saying that the matter was now concluded. No fees owed!

The check wasn’t for 500 pounds. A lot less, but Amanda was amazed, because the situation had resolved itself in their favor with almost no effort!

Amanda explained it to me by saying that they had done two things:

1) Fully and completely looked at the situation – a very complex legal situation with thousands of pounds involved — without prejudice, rancor, or resistance. They just laid it all out and observed every aspect of it.

2) They accepted the situation for what it was, and felt good about whatever might happen, even if they had to lose the house.

After that Amanda was inspired to write the letter that resolved the confrontation.

Amanda was first inspired by an acceptance meditation. She was able to release a little of her resistance and anger toward the mortgage company before the sit-down with Greg, which then allowed her to take a detailed look at all of the documentation relating to it. Very often when you are stuck in something uncomfortable, looking at it is the very last thing you want to do. It’s too difficult!

The laws of the universe respond when you actually change your vibration. If you don’t really change, you keep getting the same old stuff, with a little different twist each time, but nothing gets resolved. That’s what had happened for two years as Amanda went round and round with the mortgage company. The dominant vibration in Amanda was one of anger, which led to confrontation.

Accepting the situation for exactly what it was allowed Amanda to actually change her vibe. She told me the key moment was when she and Greg acknowledged that they might in fact actually owe the company some money. Both she and Greg were able to step back, out of their limited viewpoint, and actually see the situation from the company’s side as well. That led to an acceptance which then blew out all of their resistance and allowed them to accelerate up the emotional/vibrational scale. Then she felt that action was appropriate, and she acted. Amanda was very insistent on acting, rather than just meditating. “It’s really important to get into action, not just sit around and hope something will happen,” she said. “I wanted to let the universe take care of it, because we didn’t know what to do, but when I felt inspired to write that letter and send it off, I did.”

“Changing your vibration” is the sort of thing Esther Hicks talks about all the time in her lectures, but it goes over the head of a lot of people. When people first hear about the Law of Attraction, they want to say an affirmation or do a visualization and have everything immediately resolve. But that’s not how it works! To change your vibe you have to first accept where you are before you can make any progress. Amanda found that out with truly amazing results.

If you want to hear the interview with Amanda, you can go to the Interview With Spirit show and listen to show for August 18, 2010. Here’s the link:

Confronting something for what it is requires integrity. Integrity is wholeness, which is precisely what “looking at the unwanted situation for what it really is” means! You are looking at the WHOLE situation, not just holding your viewpoint and insisting upon it. When Amanda was able to step out of the situation to see BOTH sides (even the perspective of the evil mortgage company), she was able to honestly look at it, and then accept it.

I once heard a statement from Carolyn Myss, a medical intuitive, to the effect that she didn’t really run her life; she simply followed the hunches and inspiration from her Higher Self. I understand what that means now, and so does Amanda. She told me that a “higher” power wrote the letter for her. Apparently, fully accepting the situation with the mortgage company lowered all resistance and she was able to hear her Higher Self and act.

The second situation involved Amanda’s dog, who developed a nasty tumor. To remove it would cost 200 pounds (about $350), and she didn’t have the money. She wanted to go to the bank, but felt hopeless because her financial situation was not good, and banks are being very selective about who they lend to these days.

But the tumor kept getting bigger and bigger, and she realized she HAD to do something. So she decided, “what the hell, what’s the worst thing that can happen? They’ll say no and I won’t be any worse off.” Again, events forced her to the wall and she sucked it up and went to the bank. To her surprise, the loan officer smiled and said, “Sure, you can have the money.”

Well, Amanda went home feeling pretty good about the situation, and herself, even though there would now be an extra bill. Two in a row! she thought. This acceptance thing seemed to be working pretty well!

Then an amazing thing happened. That day, the dog kept scratching the tumor and it opened up. Amanda opened the door to let the dog outside, and it bumped up against the door frame. A short time later Amanda looked out and saw the dog licking the area where the tumor had been. It was gone! All that was left was a tiny red spot.

Amanda took the dog back to the vet, who said that it was very unusual for such growths to cleanly fall off. The vet gave her some topical crème to put on the dog’s skin and charged her 30 pounds for the visit.

So the universe came up with an even better solution, for now she didn’t have to go to the bank!

These two events are a great example of the power of acceptance, because they are not trivial. In fact, both of them were quite serious. Simply confronting the situation and accepting it led to two magical solutions, one in which they received money and a resolution to the housing problem, and another in which a small amount of money needed to be paid.

I think that’s pretty impressive. Well done Amanda!

Friday, July 02, 2010

For 5,000 years we have been taught that our physical reality is massive and really hard to change. That viewpoint is limited, however, and is the result of knowledge gained strictly from the limitation of the five bodily senses. In fact, most of the "action" in the physical universe happens on a much subtler level. Quantum mechanics and computer science have taught us that physical objects can be viewed as vibrational information systems. And when we understand that, our solid and immovable reality becomes something much lighter and amenable to positive change.

An Information System is a coherent collection of data that can be stored, processed, and retrieved, to supply useful content to human beings. Most information these days is stored in databases, which are organized sets of data that can rapidly be input, calculated upon, and output. Information systems are used in business, to help process customer orders, organize inventory, calculate payroll, etc. Banks and securities firms are completely dependent on information systems to store customer account records and to process financial transactions. Information systems are an integral part of modern life.

But they are much more basic and fundamental even than that!

The universe itself is an information system; more precisely, it is a vibrational information system.

Science tells us that all physical objects, and energy, is made up of atoms. Atoms are composed of a tiny nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud. Electrons oscillate madly around the nucleus. The atom is 99% space, with electrons moving around in it. A vibration is essentially the periodic or aperiodic movement of something in space. Therefore, the atom is basically a little vibration. But it is also a unit of information!

String theory tells us that the electrons, protons, and neutrons of the atom are themselves composed of tiny, vibrating filaments that physicists have named "strings." So the essence of matter and energy is vibration.

For example, what information does this atom transmit?

hydrogen atom

hydrogen molecule

It says, "I am the element called hydrogen."

oxygen atom

This atom says, "I am oxygen."
oxygen molecule

These two units of vibrational information can combine to form probably the most important substance on earth: H2O (water).

water molecule

water molecule

The Periodic Table of Elements contains the basic building blocks for all physical objects and energies in the material world; that is why they are called elements. The definition of element is "a fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity," and it comes from the Latin word elementum, which means "first principle." All of these elements are units of vibrational information, and all physical objects are a combination of one or more of these basic elements.

Therefore, the physical objects and energies that we see around us are actually vibrational information systems, just as the water molecule is an information system combining the two elements "hydrogen" and "oxygen." The important point here is that information systems are programmable!

Why does the hydrogen atom combine with the oxygen atom? Because they have been programmed to do so! You can believe the materialists if you want, who say that the universe is simply a random collection of energies that "just happened" to come together in the incredibly complex forms we observe in nature. But the existence of the universe itself, with its elegant physical laws, and the planet earth, with its millions of species and ecosystems that work together harmoniously, is the most obvious argument that life, and the physical world, is NOT random. No, the information systems for physical processes exist above the physical level, but this is something that a materialist can never understand, unless he or she experiences an increase in awareness.

When you take a step forward from the limited perception of the five physical senses, you begin to understand that the aggregations of physical matter, and the physical laws that allow them to interact, must be programmed from an information system, just as a computer program creates a multimedia presentation that can entertain and inform.

Water is a programmed information system that creates something vital to all life on planet earth.

You have probably heard of the work of the Japanese researcher who works with water, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto performed experiments that showed how water crystals react to conscious intent. In other words, thought and intent re-programmed the physical structure of the water crystals. Again, to a materialist, such things are incomprehensible, and it is really funny to read the comments on his work from skeptics and other dead-heads who just don't get it!

ALL physical collections of matter and energy react to conscious intent! Our world is programmable, and we are the programmers. The problem is, we have not yet recognized this.

The reality we live in is, firstly, an interpreted reality. By that I mean that all perception is an interfacing of vibrations. The atom is a tiny little vibration, and all matter and energy is composed of atoms, and the receptor cells of the human body are atomic as well. So what we perceive as solid and real is nothing more than the interaction of vibrational information. For details on how this works, see my movie "The Vibrational Universe," at

If we look at the cells and organs of our bodies, and the universe around us, simply as collections of information, we can see how any human being can be a programmer of their life!
Our bodies are information systems: coherent, and programmable, collections of vibration. The liver, for example, is programmed to eliminate waste; the heart is programmed to pump blood, the lungs to receive oxygen and release carbon dioxide, etc. The more you know about your body's information systems, the better you will be at programming it.

The universe is vibrational and informational, because a vibration is a unit of information. The two things are interchangeable, just as matter and energy are interchangeable, as Einstein showed us. A vibration is dynamic, constantly changing, and evolving. When you program a computer, for example, you give it a set of instructions that cause it to do something. The instructions to the computer are little packets of vibration; electronic impulses. What the computer outputs are also little packets of vibration that you see on your monitor and through your speakers. When you change the computer program, what is displayed also changes.

How do these vibrational information systems work? Well, we can get an idea by examining a hologram.

In 1947 a Hungarian scientist, Dennis Gabor, developed the theory of holography, for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1971. A hologram is made by shining a beam of light directly onto a light-sensitive plate (the reference beam), and then combining it with another beam of light that is redirected from a series of mirrors onto the object (the object beam), and back to the recording plate. The two light beams create an interference pattern, which is then recorded on a light sensitive plate. The interference pattern is just a vibrational intermingling of two sets of waveforms. When light is shined onto the plate, a vivid, 3 dimensional object results.

A hologram has the amazing property that even a tiny section of it contains all of the information for the entire hologram. In other words, the hologram has the entire information system for the complete image programmed into every piece of it. "Hologram" is just a fancy word that means "vibrational information system."

simple holographic setup

simple holographic setup
(simple 2 dimensional, flat, holographic setup)

If you are interested, you can look up the Holographic Principle. Introduced by physicist Gerardus t'Hooft in 1993, it states that the physics of any system can be described on the boundary of that system. In other words, the physics (the reality) of a 3 dimensional system can be described in two dimensions. So a holographic information system light-imprinted upon a flat, 2 dimensional plate can produce the 3 dimensional object perfectly.

What if the universe itself is holographic? This is the question Michael Talbot asked in his famous book, "The Holographic Universe." If a tiny little flat, 2 dimensional light sensitive plate can produce a startlingly real 3 dimensional image, imagine what a spherical hologram that is 13.5 billion light years in diameter (the size of the universe) could do!

My guidance tells me that such a gigantic spherical hologram would create a reality that is so persuasively real in every aspect, that it would essentially overwhelm the senses and appear to be the only possible reality. It would create a reality so convincing that spiritual beings could even become materialists, and actually believe nonsense like "you only go around once in life!" That is the purpose, apparently, of a physical existence. It provides such an incredibly sophisticated gameboard that it excludes all other realities, and provides an opportunity for an immortal being to become finite and vulnerable. It provides an opportunity to "test" yourself in an infinite variety of situations, for there are an infinite number of ways to program a physical universe. That is the power of information systems! My guidance tells me that there are literally trillions of different universes out there, each as real as the one we live in.

Such a complex spherical hologram could also record every single impression by every single physical being that existed within it. It could contain emotions, feelings, thoughts, and trillions of other perceptics (Akashic Records).
The more sophisticated a hologram is, the more real and solid it becomes. If you imagine the universe as a gigantic 3 dimensional hologram, you can imagine how real it could be if you immersed yourself directly inside it, which is precisely what we do when we incarnate into our physical bodies.

The physical body is the computer that interprets the vibrational content of the universe, and displays it for us to interact with. In other words, our receptor cells are programmed to recognize a certain (very small) bandwidth of vibration, and make that convincingly real to us. The only thing we have to remember is that we, as spiritual beings, are the programmers. This is easy to forget in a physical incarnation that is so convincing.

(This is what is meant when people say "the universe is illusion." What they mean is that we only see an interpreted, and infinitesimal slice, of the universal bandwidth of vibration. Of course what we experience is not illusion at all; but it IS illusory to say that what we can observe with the five human senses, and what we can infer from scientific instruments, is the only reality).

Here's the point: all physical systems are information systems and have programming that determines how the physical processes work, and the form of the component objects. The earth is an information system, your life is also an information system. And the programming for these systems is alterable!

Obviously, a program is no good if it just does the same thing over and over. Who wants to go back to DOS 6.0? And a program is also no good if the program itself is not accessible.

Where does the programming for these information systems exist?

I'm told that it exists OUTSIDE the perception of the five human senses, just like the programming for the computer exists outside the perception of the computer user, in an electronic, vibrational matrix inside the computer's central processing unit. All the user knows is the he or she turns the thing on, and it works. This programming is beyond the level of physical matter and is accessible by a spiritual being, even while incarnated in a physical body. This is what people like Esther Hicks have been trying to say for decades.

All scientific discoveries come from individuals, and in some sort of intuitive leap, or hunch. No skeptic or committee ever invented anything! That's because the skeptic is so busy defending the status quo that he is unable to be original, and the committee is busy shooting down brilliant ideas, in order to conform to the do-able, which is, essentially, the lowest common denominator of the collective. (If you've ever been on a committee, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And by the way, politics mostly operates by committee. Is it any wonder that politics is so petty, tawdry, and inefficient?)

Discovery always originates at the level of thought, and is translated to the physical. The programming level for physical information systems exists in the subtle realm of thought. We see this in everyday life. You make a decision to change your life, you act in different ways, you get different manifestations. But it's much more powerful that that!

A strong enough and coherent enough thought form, or thought template, can actually alter physical structure. If you understand that physical reality is malleable and is essentially information, this makes sense. But if you are a materialist, you think that reality is described only in the objects you see and feel. But that is a primitive and childish viewpoint. When you want to build a house you first design a blueprint. That blueprint is the information system that describes the physical house. Alteration of the blueprint results in alteration of the physical description of the house. Here we get back to the Holographic Principle again.

The 2 dimensional blueprint controls the 3 dimensional structure called "house." In other words, you could say quite accurately that the true reality of your house lies not in the physical building materials of foundation, walls, and roof, but in the blueprint itself. When you need to make changes to your house, you have to consult the blueprint first!

Humanity has control over its information systems.

These information systems exist outside the realm of the five physical senses, and create the physical blueprints for our interpreted reality. The double helix of DNA, for example, is just the physical representation of something vastly more complex and beautiful. The "activation" of DNA is the perception of these etheric blueprints, and the reprogramming of them through conscious intent, which results in healing (and new abilities that we didn't even know we have).

The universe and everything in it is, essentially, programmable, vibrational information.

That's all it is!

When humanity really begins to understand this idea, we will be able to change our lives, and the face of our planet, very rapidly.

We already understand information systems very well, so why does humanity continue to fight each other and pollute the planet? Why does 90% of human savings go to finance war and polluting fossil fuels, when we are already sitting on clean energy technology?

Well, people like David Icke (see the link to an excellent interview with Icke below) claims that extraterrestrials have modified the vibrational structure around planet earth, to keep humanity within a lower vibrational range so that they can feed off our energy of anger, fear, and other lower emotions. This has always made some kind of sense to me, because I have never been able to figure out why our species has never been able to come together. In my participation in and observance of groups, I have noticed that when human beings organize into groups, there is some kind of psychic trigger that says, "contention." Where does this impulse come from?

Well, if there are "evil ETs" or "evil controllers" on the planet earth, they must be the physical representation of the information systems that humanity has constructed. Physical manifestation of anything CANNOT occur unless there is agreement and intent for it to occur. Therefore, anything unwanted on planet earth is being created in an information system. And to uncreate it, you do not fight it! You simply reprogram it! You change the content of the vibrational information system, and viola! Like a computer that has been reprogrammed, you get a new program that does new things.

Look at the universe like a gigantic computer.

The mnemonic instructions that make the computer go are just electronic impulses that are programmed into it, just like the elements of the Periodic Table that make up the universe are units of vibrational information. For the computer, this set of instructions is called an Operating System, or OS. Each computer has an OS, which provides a platform that allows computer programmers to write the programs like Word and Photoshop that we use to get work done.

Now here is the exciting part.

We can reprogram the Operating System that runs the computer. The operating system controls what types of programs you can run. If you try to run Adobe CS5 with the 3D enhanced Photoshop on a computer running the DOS 6.0, Operating System, nothing will happen.
If you try to run the program "clean, free energy" on a human operating system that cannot understand it, you will get nothing but inefficient and scarce energy, and pollution.

What the human race is engaged in right now is, literally, the reprogramming of humanity's operating system. That will allow us to move from the program Fossil Fuels 2436.6 to Clean Energy 1.0, and from War 4354262534.9 to Cooperation 1.0! And we are doing it by changing our thoughts and belief systems from the old OS to a new OS. Once we get a new OS, we can start writing new and better programs that will lift the earth, and humanity, from it's present stressed-out and confused state.

Solid reality is actually vibrational information.

That's all it is.

YOU CHANGE REALITY BY CHANGING THE INFORMATION SYSTEM. And that information system changes when you choose differently.
Information IS reality!!!

That is something human beings are discovering. To rid yourself of unwanted things, you simply reprogram the hologram within which you live. And you do that vibrationally, by deciding differently. By consciously creating a vision of exactly what you want for yourself and the world.

That's the message this month, and I hope that it inspires you to get beyond the idea that reality is solid and hard to change. This point of view can only be maintained if you do not understand your spiritual nature, and use only the five physical senses to validate your experiences.

The real action is always, and has always been, and will always be, at the level of consciousness, and thought, and intent, for this is the level on which the information systems that create the physical world reside.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong
enough to take everything you have."
----Thomas Jefferson

Tyranny by Any Name is...Tyranny

In the United states today we operate under the political system called Statism. Statism has various offshoots, which are just different branches of collectivism, or socialism. Socialism is a great concept in theory – the idea that society is managed for the good of all citizens -- but in practice it leads to tyranny. That is because the human race has not advanced far enough in awareness to implement it properly.

For example, In the United States, we have two different kinds of socialism, each one represented by a different party.

The Republican party practices Corporate Socialism, and the Democratic Party practices Government Socialism.
Corporate Socialism has been tried before, in Nazi Germany and in Fascist Italy.

The Nazi Party was called the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. It was characterized by corporate control of the economy, and in the political arena, intimidation and thuggery, as all opposition was quickly extinguished. Mussolini was a socialist before founding his National Fascist Party, and his views were influenced by his father, who was a revolutionary socialist. Both Naziism and Fascism is Corporate Socialism.

Corporate Socialism is characterized by a government that deregulates the economy for the benefit of corporate structures that work with government. The government offers corporations tax breaks, and in general provides a free-for-all environment in which corporate power can grow unchecked, resulting in endemic corruption. Corporate Socialism in the United States got going well in 1980, after Ronald Reagan was elected. Reagan began the deregulation of the financial and corporate sectors, leading eventually to the financial crisis.

Government Socialism is modeled on the Leninist/Stalinist (Soviet) model, and is characterized by a complete takeover of the economy, and political life, by the government. Corporations and banks are nationalized, and control passes to a small elite at the top. This is what we are experiencing now with the Obama administration, which essentially nationalized the automobile industry, and has attempted to take over banking and insurance as well. (Actually it's a lot more complicated than that; on 5 / 10 / 2010 the market suddenly dropped almost 1,000 points. This was the bankers' response to Obama's proposed "break up the big banks bill," S.3217. Because 70% of all trading today on the NYSE is done via computer, it is possible for the big players to rapidly move the market up or down. Essentially the message to Congress was, "If you fuck with us we will destroy the market." Congress capitulated later in the day, and the markets rose. Here is a video that explains this:

The draft Senate Bill (S. 3217, the financial regulatory reform legislation referenced above, also contains provisions that will allow the Treasury Dept to completely take over the financial sector. It establishes a hidden "Office of Financial Research" inside the Treasury Department, which will have almost unlimited financial powers to create new derivative assets and regulate all organizations that use the Federal Reserve dollar. Don't be fooled by the "political talk" about this bill. It runs over 1300 pages, and none of our Democrat or Republican representatives will read the entire bill before voting on it. This is another reason, in the next election, to dump these two parties. Our Democrat and Republican representatives do not read the legislation they vote on. Congress is, today, basically a rubber stamp for influential corporations, who write the legislation and pass it on to Congress. The two bailouts, TARP and TALF, were passed by Congress before they had even read the bills. These bills essentially created more fiat money and transferred it to the banks, inflating the currency and harming the economy. The Patriot Acts, which gutted our constitution and our Bill of Rights, were passed without our representatives even glancing at the legislation.

Really, there isn’t a lot of difference between these two kinds of Statism, as both wind up being a hierarchical, top-down arrangement of society and its resources, which benefit the very few at the expense of the rest. This setup, in the deluded minds of its proponents, is called "power." Interestingly enough, all people who follow this philosophy of phantom power believe in materialism, and deny spirituality. They are inverted, and they make life miserable for the rest of us.

The Democrat party and the Republican party have failed us, the voters.

It is time to send them on their way.

If we do not change the people who represent us, nothing will change.

Our country is bankrupt. That is a simple fact. Our national (government) debt is over 12 trillion. The Chinese own over $40 trillion of our securities (government debt and private, bank created securities) accumulated over decades. Our governmental unfunded liabilities (Medicare, social security) total around $50 trillion. Our balance of payment deficits are over $500 billion every year. And our banks are holding tens of trillions more in worthless derivative assets like CDO's and CDS's.

This is the real problem, friends. Our banks hold so much worthless paper(which they created) that the government simply doesn't have the money to bail them out. In order to keep the economy on track, the Fed has simply been printing money for the past two years. Check the St. Louis Fed's graph of the money supply at and you will see what I mean.
This is what happens when the people of a country let others manage their money! When a government begins printing or creating money like you see on the graph, hyperinflation is right around the corner. Either that, or a currency devaluation. Both solutions lead to the same thing: a loss of purchasing power and a lower standard of living. That is why it is vital to conduct an audit of the Federal Reserve, the nation's central bank, which controls the printing and the creation of money. We, the people, need to find out what these guys have been doing to our beloved dollar!

People, we can still get our country back. But in order to do so, we must abandon the two failed parties who have allowed this situation to occur over the past 50 years. If we do not, we only have ourselves to blame.
Both the Democrat party and the Republican party embrace a top-down philosophy which benefits a few at the expense of the rest of us. Call it whatever "ism" you want, it is rule by the few over the many – or tyranny.

It is time to re-establish true representative democracy and restore the Constitution.

We must clean out the deadwood and start over, by electing 3rd party candidates and by completely boycotting the corrupt Democrat and Republican parties.

We must also hold Congressional hearings on the activities of our Intelligence agencies. Do not believe for a moment that these agencies are defending us against terrorism. They are criminal organizations that hide under the National Security Act of 1947, et seq, and National Security Directives. For "national security" read "we are committing crimes and we don't want you to find out about them." These outfits are themselves terrorist organizations.

In order to restore our democracy we must get new blood in Congress, audit the Federal Reserve, and open the Pandora's Box of the so called "intelligence community" and expose this stinking filth to the light of day.
It is time for the American people to turn off "American Idol" and demand accountability from the people in Washington DC.