Monday, December 17, 2007

The Harmony Project

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
–-Dr. Martin Luther King

The Harmony Project is a way for individuals and small groups to directly and positively change the world –– and themselves –– with a minimum of effort. It’s a simple, uncomplicated and powerful way for individuals to positively change consciousness.
The Harmony project is based on three simple concepts:
1) The inherent spiritual nature of every human being
2) Quiet Power
3) Social networks

1) Everyone on earth has a spiritual aspect. In that profound sense, we are all linked on a very fundamental level. In the Harmony Project, we use this idea to raise our own vibration, and others as well.

A human being is a divine, immortal Spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. You either understand that, or you don’t. If you do, you are capable of reaching the state of love. Love is the quintessential expression of our inherent spiritual nature.

If you know what love feels like, then you are qualified to participate in the Harmony Project! By love I mean that powerful, awesome feeling of excitement and connection that unites all life everywhere. It’s easy to get that feeling back in your heart. All you have to do is remember a time you fell in love. Or got a wonderful present. Or saw someone smile. Or looked into the eyes of your pet. Love is a feeling of warmth that is inherent to all life everywhere. Love keeps the universe working. It is who we are at the core of our being. All else is an illusion.

2) What is Quiet Power?

Quiet Power is the expression of love. Love is serene, calming, quiet, confident, and enormously powerful. Love doesn’t jabber, shout, or scream. Love is not ostentatious or ego driven. Love is unconditional. When you love, you give your heart and soul. Love is exciting, but in a peaceful way.
Love is like giving someone a present. You wait silently, with eager anticipation, for the smile that comes when a friend or a loved one opens your gift. That smile is your reward. It is an acknowledgment of your shared divinity, of your shared spirituality. There aren’t words good enough to express that feeling. That’s why I call love, Quiet Power.

The expression of love finds many forms, in every area of life.
Have you ever noticed that the most influential people are always those who lead by example? Like Mother Theresa, or Gandhi. Or maybe, one of your friends. Or maybe your mother, or one of your relatives. It could be a teacher, a co–worker, a musician or an artist. Regardless of who it is, the people you admire most walk the walk, and don’t just talk the talk. They’re not in the streets yelling and screaming, but quietly going about their business, demonstrating competence, integrity, and compassion, showing others the true path by their example.

What is the true path?

It’s just the recognition of who you are. The cells of your body are made of condensed love. Everything in existence resonates strongly to this fundamental frequency.

The idea of the Harmony Project is to quietly open yourself up to the world, leading by example.

Don’t panic! The Harmony Project isn’t hard, it’s fun! Anyone can do it. It’s done quietly, at your own pace, and in your own time. You don’t have to sign up for anything, or study anything, or ask permission from anyone. There aren’t any rules. Everything you need for the Project is already inside of you.

3) The power of the Harmony Project is based on the social network. A social network is all of the people you know. Every country has thousands or millions of social networks, and they all overlap. These networks are spontaneous and people–created, unregulated by government or authority. Because of mobile technology, instant messaging, and email, people are now in instant communication, so an idea can spread rapidly within your network and between networks. Millions of people quietly, voluntarily and positively influencing their social networks has the same effect as one or two people reaching millions of people on the Oprah show.

It’s better to have millions of people quietly effecting change on a one–to–one basis within their personal networks, rather than a couple of people leading on the masses. Why? Because the idea of “follow the leader” has gotten mankind into trouble over the past 5,000 years, creating hierarchical societies with a few at the top and the millions at the bottom. So we simply by–pass the authorities and, without fighting or resisting the current order, create a new world.

In the American West, for example, boomtowns like Silver City, Idaho and Virginia City, Nevada simply disappeared. No one came in with an army to wipe these places out. They vanished as a result of natural economic forces. This is what social networks and endeavors like the Harmony Project will do to the established order.

What is the Harmony Project?
The Harmony Project consists of two simple activities:

1) Walk quietly down the street with love in your heart. The more crowded the street, the better! Repeat as many times as you feel like it. Or, sit quietly in a café or a coffee shop, and feel love. You don’t have to DO anything, or make a big speech, or make a spectacle of yourself. Just sit there feeling love and observe what happens. You can do this anywhere people gather. I like to do it at the checkout counter in the supermarket!

You don’t sing, or chant, or talk loudly, because that would be distracting to others, and could morph into an ego thing. Just sit or walk quietly and unobtrusively, blending in with the scenery. When you are around people and feel love, you quietly affect everyone around you. That’s because love is the most powerful vibration in the universe.

What happens is that the vibration of love goes quietly, but powerfully, outward from you to everyone around you, and alters their aura. I’ve done this myself, and when I am truly in tune with love, people will often look up and smile. Sometimes, they’ll even stop and want to talk. What you are doing is literally changing the vibration of those you meet, without having to argue with them, or “raise their consciousness.” You can’t know how powerful this can be until you actually do it! And do you know the best part? It makes you feel great! It can be addicting, in a good way.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a miracle right away! The idea of the Harmony Project isn’t to show everyone how awesome you are (even though you ARE awesome!). It’s not an ego thing. The idea is first to feel love inside of you, and to share that love quietly with others. What you are doing when you radiate love around others, is vibrationally altering their consciousness. This occurs invisibly, just as radio and micro waves travel invisibly and find their way to your hand held communications device.

2) The second activity is even easier. When you talk or chat with your friends, bring up something positive and exciting, and get people talking about it.

For example, I just read an inspiring speech by a guy who says that mobile phones and social networking will completely destroy the hierarchical nature of our societies, returning power and freedom to individuals and away from governments and powerful elites. In India, poor fishermen have already used mobile technology to create a people–based market, completely unregulated by government or big corporations, that efficiently supplies Indian coastal villages with food. People who were starving are now fed, and fishermen who were dirt poor are now doing much better. He says that in ten years, if present trends continue, it will no longer be possible for a small elite to start a war, or have economic or political dominance over humanity. Instead of governments and bureaucracies and elites having power, independent social networks of people will have power! Now that is something that excites me!
What excites you? It doesn’t have to be profound! It could be a good tune you heard, or a podcast, or a movie, or a book you read. Whatever it is, make sure it is positive, not negative. Get people thinking and talking about something inspiring.

That’s it! If you are ready to create some miracles, go to it! Share your results and successes, and ask questions, on the Harmony Project Forum:

Taking Action

You can do the two steps of the Harmony Project by yourself, or with friends. You can walk silently down the street as a group radiating love, or sit quietly in a coffee shop, café, or any other appropriate place. Remember that love is quiet and powerful, but not ostentatious. The idea is not "wow look at us, we're awesome," but "we are here to saturate this place with love and good vibes." A group of people radiating love together is an enormously powerful force, like the warming rays of the sun that reach out and touch others. And the best thing is that when you radiate love, you feel it inside yourself first. So the first person who benefits is you!

How can you tell whether something you bring up in part 2) is positive or negative? The answer is, observe how people react. Are they happy, or sad? Angry or joyful? Apathetic or excited? I’ve included a scale of emotions from highest to lowest so you can accurately catalog emotions. Positive emotion is anything above 2.0 on the scale, and that’s good. Negative is anything below 2.0 on the scale, and you want to avoid that.

Experiment with this and soon you will be much better at recognizing emotions, and become much more sensitive to people and how to make them happier. Your relationships will improve, because you will be more observant. You will also feel more powerful, because sensitizing yourself to others also makes you more sensitive to what you like and dislike. So you achieve a state of higher discernment ands knowledge of self, as well as knowledge of others.


You can test to see how you are doing. In the first step, one person acts as an observer. That person determines the emotional level of the area before you begin, and then assesses the emotions of the area afterwards. In the second step, you (or an independent observer) can monitor the emotional tone of the group before and after the introduction of a topic. In all cases, the idea is to raise the emotional / vibrational level of the group. Of course, these observations are subjective, but so is a feeling of love, or a feeling of happiness, or any positive emotion.

Send in your ideas, experiences, and successes!
Share your experiences with others and ask questions on the Harmony Project Forum The Harmony Project is as much about raising your vibration as it is about transforming others!

Feeling Love

People will respond to you in proportion to how much love you are feeling. Most of us are creatures of habit. The Harmony Project is an opportunity for you to practice love. The better you feel, the more amazing result you are likely to get.

How do you feel love?

Well, you just sit quietly and remember a time when you felt loving towards someone, or someone felt loving toward you. Then you pick up on that feeling and let it saturate your consciousness, and the cells of your body. You know what love feels like, or you wouldn’t be interested in the Harmony Project. Did you know that of all the emotions, love is the easiest feeling to let in? That’s because love is the OM, the fundamental vibration of the universe. Love is in every cell of your body. It’s who you ARE. Love feels warm and fuzzy and powerful and generous and when you really feel love, you feel invincible and wonderful and you want to share yourself with the whole world!

You can get that feeling back any time, you just have to practice! It’s the most rewarding practice you can do for yourself, because it sets you up to have a perfect day. People naturally respond positively to those who feel love. That’s the idea behind the Harmony Project.

The Quiet Revolution

You don’t have to be famous to have a positive effect. In the past, trying to change the world through person–to–person contact was time consuming and inefficient, but not anymore. Today, person–to–person contact is the best way to make positive changes, because all of us belong to social networks. When someone gets exited about something, he or she tells everyone in his or her network and it spreads rapidly. A positive idea can literally spread itself all over the planet in almost no time at all! This is how we can create a new paradigm of thought in the consciousness of humanity.

The idea behind the Harmony Project is to raise the background vibration of society, and make it possible for positive solutions to occur. The human population is growing and more and more people are reject the old values of deceit, dishonesty, competition and war. Our species is rapidly approaching a tipping point, where a quantum leap in consciousness is possible. A tipping point is defined as the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. This irresistible development is the idea that love is more valuable than hatred, that cooperation is better than conflict, and that human nature is divine. When enough people have these ideas, our societies can literally change overnight!

Power isn’t money, or military might. Power is the ability to control what you think and what you say, and to spread positive ideas through our social networks. Social change ALWAYS happens from the bottom up, not the top down. Governments and corporations are always the last ones to figure it out. The “establishment” always piggybacks on the great ideas that come from inspired individuals. The idea of the Harmony Project is to start a Quiet Revolution.

How Can This Happen?

Imagine society not as a bunch of powerless individuals, but as a collection of dynamically interacting social networks. Governments and corporations are social networks as well! They exist, like ships, floating upon the ocean of national consciousness. That consciousness is established by we the people, through our social networks. We are the soil upon which our nation's institutions grow. If these institutions are now corrupt to the core, it is because we have allowed our planetary and national soil to become fertile for them. We unconsciously repeat, through our social networks, the same old stale ideas that have allowed the present situation to occur.

The idea is to spread love and inspiring ideas all over the world! We all know how impossible it is to get large groups of people to agree on what is best –– just look at politics! The Harmony Project by–passes ideology and belief, and focuses on love. Love is so powerful that it immediately knocks out these lower vibrations. If you don’t believe this, then you have to actually try Step One. If you do it right, you won’t believe the positive results you will get!


During the past century, the human population has been increasing at an unprecedented rate. We now have a unique window of opportunity for a paradigm shift in consciousness on a national and planetary scale. To replace the tired old memes of scarcity, conflict, hierarchy, “follow the leader,” and war, with new ones based upon the recognition of our divine, spiritual nature and a recognition that it IS possible –– and desirable –– for ALL humans to experience prosperity and live lives filled with promise and fulfillment.

Traditional consciousness raising activities take a mental approach. “If we can only educate the masses…” “If we can raise awareness on the dangers of ____(fill in the blank), we can then offer a solution that will be accepted…” etc. These approaches almost never work –– unless they graduate to a process that raises emotional tone –– because they are intellectual and sterile. Many times, they evolve into competing groups, and then argumentation and even conflict, because people always have different opinions. With rare exceptions, this has been the history of politics in every society on earth.

All successful social movements begin with a raising of emotional tone. The civil rights movement in the United States, for example, raised millions of people up the scale of emotion, which led to inspirational ideas and actions that changed our society for the better.

The lesson of the past 5,000 years of human history is that a true paradigm shift in consciousness cannot come about only through ideas. Copernicus’s realization that the earth revolves about the sun, and Einstein’s theory of relativity, revolutionized the way we viewed the universe. However, they have not led to spiritual and emotional advancement. We are still exploiting and killing each other in the 21st century just as we did in 3000 BC.

Unanimous and beneficial agreement can only occur in an environment of positive emotion. In other words, ideas that change the world in a positive direction must come forth from a positive vibration. They must be supported by and motivated from positive emotion. This is obvious, but as a species, we don’t do it, because we believe it to be impossible! Enough of us believe the lie that we are merely biological creatures and that our inherent nature is primitive.

But human nature is not barbaric and savage. That is a myth foisted upon the human race by deluded people who believe that when you die, you’re dead, and by other insecure and frightened power seekers who believe in hierarchy and domination.

How did the current paradigm get established?

Long ago in the evolution of our species, a tipping point in thought was reached. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly where or when in history this occurred. However it happened, our species consciousness reflected the memes of hierarchy, control, victimization, and “follow the leader.”

Argumentation, domination, competition and conflict emerged as the primary method of problem resolution within and between human societies. These memes became vibrationally dominant in our consciousness and have been passed down from generation to generation, not because they were inherent to human nature or superior in any way, but merely because they were continuously activated. In other words, the history of our species has resulted from a habitual way of thinking.

But habits are not natural laws! Habits of thought and belief exist only because we continuously pay them homage. Our species is like the dog and the invisible fence. The dog stops because it believes it must, even though it could step over the line at any time, and think “out of the box.”

If you think about it long enough, you can understand that the resolution to our global problems cannot come about only through ideas, or education, or traditional consciousness–raising activities. That’s because, as we all know, everyone has different opinions. However, when everyone is feeling positive emotion, it is very easy to reach agreement! In the Harmony Project, thousands of individuals quietly and unobtrusively (but effectively) act to raise emotional tone through their social networks, which provides the foundation for positive and effective ideas that will transform our societies.

The Role of Beliefs

As a species, we have not made spiritual advancement because of our beliefs. Beliefs are self–fulfilling prophecies, for beliefs direct action. Another way to say this is that actions follow beliefs. A person who believes that money is hard to get and hold onto will likely continue to be poor, because he or she will act in ways that do not allow for prosperity. A person who believes that old people are stupid will disrespect his elders. A President who believes that war is a good way to resolve problems will start one. Like the dog and the invisible fence, mankind has erected prison bars made of thought, that direct actions into narrow and self–limiting areas. We demand adherence to limiting sets of beliefs, which have been codified as religion, or ‘tradition.’ When people act outside of these narrow boundaries, they are seen to be dangerous. Beliefs, however, are just collections of thoughts. And what are thoughts? Ephemeral things that can be changed. Only when the background vibration of society is raised enough, can we change the tenor and content of thought, on a national and global scale. We have the power in our hands, right now!

I believe that the Harmony Project would have been impossible even five years ago, because humanity was not ready for it. However, world events have spiraled so far out of control that more and more people understand that change is necessary. The Harmony Project is designed to nudge this process along, like a powerful ocean current which carries the ships that sail upon it.

Establishing Harmony

The way to establish harmony and cooperation is not to fight against the established order, or that which is repugnant. Getting people to fight and resist something is a clever psychological ploy that just continues the unwanted thing. As Mae West once said, “All pub is good pub.” All she meant was that it doesn’t matter whether you agree with something, or fight it, because it’s the same thing: you promote it either way. “Mae West is a terrible actor!” is almost as good as, “Mae West is a great actor!” That’s because people say, “Who is Mae West? I’ll look her up.”

When human beings want change, we organize to fight abhorrent things like poverty and cancer and terrorism. But in fact, fighting something just makes it bigger. Despite the War on Poverty, there is more poverty. Despite the War on Cancer, we still have lots of cancer. In the United States, the War on Terrorism has resulted in the elimination of our freedoms and civil liberties, through legislation like the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act and the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act.

Successful social and political movements are based on the creation of something positive, not the elimination of something negative!

Unfortunately, politics is almost exclusively the latter.

In Eastern thought, this concept is known as non–resistance. Non–resistance has been misinterpreted by Western philosophy to mean, “let yourself get steamrolled.” This is, however, a distortion of a very powerful and profound idea.

Saying “No” to something is the same as saying “Yes” to it, because either way, you place your attention on it, and spread it around. The more we fight terrorism, for example, the more fear we have, and the more laws are passed restricting our freedoms. The more we resist climate change and fossil fuels, the more emphasis we give to fossil fuels. Nowhere is this demonstrated more clearly than at the climate change conference in Bali (December 2007).

Scientists and participants on both sides of the climate change issue debate whether fossil fuels are the cause of increased global CO2 emissions. This debate focuses on fossil fuels, not on the development of clean and alternative energy sources.

This idea is expressed in the universal principle of ‘like attracts like.’ Whatever you think about and talk about the most will be what you create, and what you experience. You can test this in life by living mindfully. When you become more aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, you will begin to see a correspondence between them and what you manifest in life.
We have been taught just the opposite, however. We’ve been taught that we think a certain way because of the way reality is. But of course, that philosophy is a recipe for failure, and a life that never changes. Following that line of thinking turns people into robots, and gets them feeling powerless. When that happens, people can be easily manipulated, which is what has happened throughout human history.


So let’s wake up the human race! The Harmony Project is a great way to quietly and effectively raise the background vibration of society.

In the Revolutionary War, the United States achieved political freedom from Great Britain. All intelligent people now understand that modernly, war cannot be the answer. War and conflict and all that support it are outdated and pathetic relics of the Old Order! We seek solutions on a much more powerful level.

We need a spiritual, not a political, economic, or scientific solution. These have all been tried and found wanting. We need, not a political revolution, but an evolution in consciousness. The Harmony Project is itself an evolutionary leap, for although we are in the streets and in the shops, and everywhere people congregate, we are invisible to the gross forces of authority, and outside their purview.

In our program, we operate in concert with the higher vibrations, using the subtle, but immensely powerful energies of love. You see, it is impossible to do the Harmony Project by yelling and fighting, for love does not do that. In the higher vibrations, we use Quiet Power. We are Revolutionaries of Love!


Saturday, December 08, 2007

What is happening on our planet?

A rapid rising of consciousness as humanity wakes up from 5,000 years of slumber. This rising of consciousness is directly related to population increase. As our numbers increase, we have a unique window of opportunity to effect a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

Long ago in the evolution of our species, a “tipping point” in thought was reached. A tipping point is defined as the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. However it happened, our species consciousness reflected the memes of hierarchy, control, victimization, and “follow the leader.” Conflict, competition, argumentation and war emerged as the primary method of problem resolution. These memes became vibrationally dominant in our consciousness and were passed down from generation to generation, not because they were inherent to human nature or superior in any way, but merely because they were continuously activated. In other words, the history of our species has resulted from a habitual way of thinking. But habits are not natural laws. Habits of thought and belief exist only because we continuously pay them homage. We are like the dog and the invisible fence. The dog stops because it believes it must, even though it could step over the line at any time, and think “out of the box.”

A change in thought can lead, quicker than anyone might imagine, almost instantly to a new paradigm of thought. When thought changes, actions change. It is literally true that we can, by taking control of what we think and believe, change our societies almost overnight! Anyone who saw the crumbling of the Berlin Wall knows what I’m talking about.

As a species, we have not made spiritual advancement because of our beliefs. Beliefs are self–fulfilling prophecies, for beliefs direct action. Another way to say this is that actions follow beliefs. A person who believes that money is hard to get and hold onto will likely continue to be poor, because he or she will act in ways that do not allow for prosperity. A person who believes that old people are stupid will disrespect his elders. A President who believes that war is a good way to resolve problems will start one. Like the dog and the invisible fence, mankind has erected prison bars made of thought, that direct actions into narrow and self–limiting areas. We demand adherence to sets of beliefs, which have been codified as religion, or ‘tradition.’ When people act outside of these narrow boundaries, they are seen to be dangerous. Beliefs, however, are just collections of thoughts. And what are thoughts? Ephemeral things that can be changed!

A group of people on our planet are resisting the inevitable change to a new paradigm of thought aligned with true human and spiritual values –– those in government and in finance who see the coming shift and, in their fear and insecurity, perceive a loss of power and status. Paradoxically, these people –– albeit unknowingly –– are working against themselves and for the establishment of the new consciousness.

In the United States, corruption at the highest levels of our government is rampant, as is indicated by current legislation before the U.S. Congress. The “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act,” which passed the House on a vote of 405 to 6, makes blogging, speaking, or writing anything critical of the government a “terrorist” act. That’s right folks. As of Nov 30, this traitorous piece of legislation was still before the Senate as Senate Bill 1959.

At the highest levels in the United States, criminality is now the norm in politics and finance, and departure from criminality is perceived as aberrant. In the past twenty years, a separate banking and financial system has been established worldwide by criminal elements, creating a river of illegal fiat money that has been used to bribe political leaders all over the world.
For example, Secretary Paulson held a news conference on 6 December, in which he announced the creation of the Hope Fund, and the freezing of interest rates on adjustable rate mortgages. Freezing of interest rates essentially invalidates all adjustable rate mortgage contracts. Those who invested in these mortgages are now screwed out of the interest they would have gotten. In a country that abides by the rule of law, a contract is sacred. Violation of contract is dishonest –– it’s the same as giving your word and then going back on it. It’s no different than your bank telling you that the interest on your Certificate of Deposit will no longer be paid, and that you cannot withdraw your money! The so–called Hope Fund was created, according to Christopher Story of the International Currency Review and World Reports, with stolen money!

The “mainstream” news media has completely ignored these developments.
But guess what?

All of this works in our favor!

The myopic and brain–dead mainstream media refuses to report on these developments, which is a good thing. Why? Because it prevents panic. It prevents more people from focusing on what is not wanted. In this case, ignorance IS bliss! In other words, if the masses are convinced that all is well financially, that creates the vibrational groundwork for positive solutions. The criminal element NEEDS panic and uncertainty to accomplish their goals. At the same time, exposing their illegal criminal activities is impossible! So they play into our hands by doing their dirty work behind the scenes.
The march toward a tipping point in the consciousness of humanity is inevitable. To stop it, a massive worldwide disaster that radically reduces population would be necessary. I no longer believe in the arguments promoted by those who claim the earth is facing a climate crisis and that the planet is in imminent danger, and that the human race faces the prospect of destruction, even though I certainly do agree that we need to find alternative sources of energy. There are valid scientific arguments on both sides of the climate issue, but after watching Live Earth I was appalled at the negative nature of the presentations. You can always tell the validity of anything by identifying its position on the scale of emotion/vibration. Live Earth was in the vibration of fear. Anything positive is valid, anything negative is invalid. Anything that uplifts and inspires is valid, anything that scares you is not!
Here is an excerpt from The Report on Iron Mountain released in 1966, a document which analyzes the different ways a government can perpetuate itself and control its citizens.

On p. 39 this document states
“The war system has not only been essential to the existence of nations as independent political entities, but has be equally indispensable to their stable political structure. Without it, no government has been able to obtain acquiescence in its “legitimacy,” or right to rule [sic] its society. The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power. The historical record reveals one instance after another where the failure of a regime to maintain the credibility of a war threat led to its dissolution, by the forces of private interest, of reactions to social injustice, or of other disintegrative elements. The organization of society for the possibility of war is its principle political stabilizer.”

Sound familiar?

Well, this document offers something really surprising. In an attempt to discover ways in which regional and/or world government could establish and perpetuate itself, it was recognized that there must be a credible global threat. War on a planetary scale is obviously self defeating. So what other elements could be used to legitimize a world government? The document explores a number of alternatives, concluding that the environmental pollution model is the most likely to succeed. In the words of the document,

“When it comes to postulating a credible alternative for war…the “alternate enemy” must imply a more immediate, tangible, and directly felt threat of destruction. It must justify the need for taking and paying a “blood price” in wide areas of human concern. In this respect, the possible substitute enemies noted earlier would be insufficient. One exception might be the environmental–pollution model, if the danger to society it posed was genuinely imminent. The fictive models would have to carry the weight of extraordinary conviction, underscored with a not inconsiderable actual loss of life…It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species.”

I’m not suggesting that events like Katrina have been orchestrated, or that Al Gore is part of some giant conspiracy to destroy mankind. What I am suggesting is that people on both sides of this issue may have an agenda.
Instead of concentrating our attention on the conservation of fossil fuels (which just perpetuates the idea of fossil fuels) we should be CREATING the possibility of alternative, clean, and abundant energy sources. If Al Gore spent as much time and political capital on promoting alternative energy as he does in scaring people to death about an imminent environmental collapse, I believe that his time would be better spent!

Fear and scare tactics can NEVER create positive solutions, precisely because a vibration of fear will generate a fearful solution!

The use of alternative fuels automatically means that you aren’t using fossil fuels. That’s much better than trying to get everyone to use less fossil fuels! Personally, my wife and I are spending some of our savings on a geo–thermal heating system, which is a closed system that operates using water from pipes dug under the ground.

Remember that getting people to fight or resist something makes it bigger. This is a clever psychological ploy that enables the promotion of repugnant ideas. If you create organization A to promote war, and then create organizations B,C, and D to FIGHT war, all attention is then co–opted to the promotion of war. For it is obvious that fighting war is the same as promoting war, for the common vibration is WAR. This is how the people of the United States are being cleverly manipulated into acquiescing in the destruction of their liberties.

My point is that the march toward a tipping point in human consciousness can be stalled IF you can scare people to death. Those of us who understand our spiritual nature, and who are on the leading edge of the revolution (or should I say evolution) in consciousness, must be aware of the tactics used by those who fear such a quantum leap in awareness. But we must also realize that these tactics are self–defeating. The only way we can fail is to go into agreement with the real terrorists –– those who wish to rule and control us.
Collectivist solutions that involve a hierarchical expansion of regional or global government are promoted by those who are in fear and who NEED to be at the top of the pyramid. We must reject these solutions and take back our power. We can do this by activating our social networks; by positively creating our lives, and refusing to involve ourselves in resisting or fighting that which is repugnant.

I’ll have much more to say on this in another blog post.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Universal Principles, War and Peace

From Ken’s book “The Vibrational Universe”:

People object to the concept of non-resistance, especially in a political context. There are some who think, for example, that the armed forces protect a country from attack and guarantee the freedom of all of its citizens, and that non-resistance is a cowardly attempt to duck the responsibilities of a good citizen. But this is just another of those un-inspected 'truths' which are floating around in mass consciousness.

The armed forces exist to fight. They are an exact vibrational match to others who also wish to fight, and to those who are resisting fighting, war, and conflict. (The energy stream of resistance is building a wall, and the energy of the warrior is to knock down the wall.) This resistance to war can take many forms, but it always resides on the lower levels of the Emotional Scale (fear, anger, hatred, etc.).

Their little play is acted out upon whatever stage is chosen by them, and their actions only affect those who are resonating to the vibrations of conflict. And indeed, most of us in this society have been raised in an environment of war (cold or otherwise), and if we watch the news every night, it is very likely that almost all of us have activated somewhere within us, support for, or fear of, conflict. Those who resonate purely to the vibrations of peace, harmony and love will never find themselves involved in a war, unless it is their conscious choice to become so involved (like James Twyman, the peace guy). This is something most people find impossible to believe, but it is entirely consistent with universal law. Nevertheless, we say here with absolute certainty that the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction are inviolate and infallible and will always work in your favor if you focus positively. You cannot be a victim of conflict, if you do not resonate to conflict.

The armed forces protect no one, for it is impossible to protect anyone from anything, as we have already seen. If you are a warrior, then you love fighting and the military is a perfect career, for you then associate with other warriors and you can have a grand time. Blood and guts! But don't make the mistake of thinking you are protecting anyone else. Vibrationally speaking, as a warrior you add your individual contribution to the overall vibe of fighting and war. For a true warrior fighting is a release, but to the rest of us, war is a very imprisoning activity.

The idea that the armed forces protect the citizens of a nation from attack is, however, a great justification for their existence. You could not think of a better reason to promote military activities! It is actually a very clever way of psychologically training people to resonate to war and conflict. If you have followed me so far, however, you understand that fighting those who wish to promote or fight wars is pointless. Vibrationally speaking, you engage the other on his own ground! You become that which you hate, and find yourself part of the problem instead of the solution. Eventually, you learn the hard way that attempting to change the activities of others places you squarely in opposition to the Law of Free Will. Actions stem from beliefs, and although you may physically conquer, it is impossible to ensure a change in thought. Objecting to unwanted things feeds energy to them. Thus, love is the only way to deal with hate.18

There may be many objections to this. "OK, what about WW II? If morons like you had their way, we'd be speaking German right now and living in a dictatorship." Well, resistance to Hitler (or fear, same thing) allowed him to grow in power. In Germany, much discontent and agitation existed from the grossly unfair terms imposed on that country (in the minds of many Germans) by the allies after WW I, and the hyperinflation of the Weimar government threatened to wipe out what was left of the middle classes.

Hitler grew powerful internationally because of an enormous amount of resistance. Hitler started out as a little punk that grew more influential, not because people ignored him, but because they did not ignore him. Historical evidence shows that some of Hitler's funding came from sources outside Germany. Somebody who wants to fight needs another to push back. A vibration of conflict needs a matching vibration in order for it to take root. The martial art known as Aikido operates upon this principle, essentially refusing to resist the fighter and by using his own energy against him. Every time you resist something, you feed it power.

Many people think this is nutty. "If we didn't fight Hitler he would have walked all over us." People like to point out examples in history where peace-loving people were massacred by invading barbarians. The lesson, they claim, is that negative forces, if ignored, can overwhelm entire societies. But this is not how it works. We do not live in a universe where beings in it are powerless. There are no victims. The belief in negative forces is a massive distortion that mankind has placed into the species mass consciousness. It sets up a self-fulfilling idiocy in which a powerful vibration is offered, and eventually matched.

It may seem nutty to say that if people outside Germany placed their attention on well-being instead of resisting Hitler, that he would not have attacked them. However, the universe responds to individuals, even though it seems that groups of people are randomly affected. The only way every one of a group of people could be affected by the same event is if all of them thought alike. Mankind as a species has a tendency to want to agree. This is a divine impulse born from inner knowledge of love and connection to all things, but it gets people into trouble when the agreement is on something uncomfortable! That is why mass media is so effective, for it gets people thinking and agreeing on the same thing. It allows those who control the media to inculcate ideas into the minds of people on a massive scale.

A truly loving person never encounters hatred. That is an inevitable conclusion from the vibrational universe concept. There are, however, unacceptable religious consequences (for some) that proceed directly from its acceptance, and which are beyond the scope of this book.

Group dynamics are always a function of individual dynamics. Every individual conscious being in this universe is guaranteed to have complete freedom of choice, and the universe is designed to always respond to those choices, no matter what others are doing. I don't care how many history books or political commentaries you have read. All individuals are guaranteed by the laws of the universe to be sovereign regarding their own experiences. If this seems hard to believe, I invite you to test it for yourself.

People don't believe in their own power because the history of planet earth for the past several thousand years seems to be one of inevitable disaster. The thought stream of conflict and war is very powerfully activated in the human mass consciousness. We are raised from birth immersed in the idea that in order to be secure, it is necessary to protect yourself from the bad guys. However, no one ever bothers to actually look at history. The history of this planet is mind-numbingly predictable: find something you don't like, try to get others to change their behavior to suit you, if they don't do what you say start a fight. Or, look at something you don't like, become afraid that it will come into your experience, and try to protect yourself from it. Just like Joe Doakes and Cecil Aldershot, those who want to fight and those who protect themselves are perfectly matched vibrationally. This nonsense has been going on for millennia, stupidly, over and over and over and over.

You cannot protect yourself from anything. The attempt to protect yourself from something unwanted draws it to you. It's a simple application of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.

When the battles are fought, a person with a vibration of peace will not be present. He or she will be at a dinner party, or somewhere out of harm's way. A person who is tuned to well-being has far greater probability of being somewhere that war is not, and well- being is. That is because the ratio of well-being to disaster is overwhelmingly in favor of well-being.

History texts and news media proclaim 'country A is at war' implying that every person in the country is affected by the war and supports it, and that war is present over every square mile. But of course that is not true. Go back to WWII and look at where battles were fought and bombs were dropped. Even during the height of the destruction of Germany, only a small area of the country was involved in conflict at any one time.

"Country A is at war" means that a relative handful of people in the government of country A have declared war on the government of country B. Now, goes the mantra from mass consciousness, it is the patriotic duty of every citizen to get behind their government and support the troops, thus entraining the vibration of the populace to war. An analysis of how this happens and how entire populations get involved is beyond the scope of this book, but it would make an interesting political study.

In the physical sciences, resonant entrainment of oscillating systems is a well-understood principle. If you hit a tuning fork which produces a frequency of 440 cycles per second (an A note) and put it in close proximity to another 440 Hz tuning fork, the second tuning fork will begin to 'sympathetically' oscillate, or resonate. The first tuning fork is said to have entrained the second. The physics of entrainment apply to biosystems as well, especially brain wave entrainment.

In other words, the idea of patriotism sets the citizenry up to resonate to the vibration of fighting and war. The more powerful vibration has a tendency to entrain individual ones. However, knowledge is a powerful thing. Once you step into your power you can't ever be fooled again. No one can BS you, propagandize you, trick or coerce you. You become immune to harm.

In this book, we have extended the meme concept mentioned in an earlier chapter and the entrainment concept above to consciousness itself, and have postulated a thought/vibrational interaction based upon the influence of a universal field of subtle energy. The validity of such an approach only becomes apparent when you begin to think and act from such an orientation. Then the value of it becomes obvious, for it places you always at cause-point in your life.

In our vibrational model of the universe, vibrational proximity is more important than nearness in time and space. In my rural neighborhood, there are a dozen houses close to mine, but there is little interaction. I have much more in common with some of my Internet friends who live hundreds of miles away. A salesman may approach you with a sales pitch, but he has no hope of success unless he is vibrationally aligned with you. In fact, vibrational incompatibility results in physical separation.

I remember, several years ago in my negative phase of life, I showed up at a group meditation for world harmony and peace. There were a dozen people present, and after a few of my cynical comments, some guy looked me in the eye said politely but firmly, "You don't seem to be catching the spirit of this. Perhaps you shouldn't participate." Everyone turned to me in silent agreement, and I felt like a puppy caught crapping on the carpet. I slunk out of there with my tail between my legs, embarrassed, my negative contributions powerfully rejected. Vibrationally, I was incompatible and could not comfortably occupy the same space.

It's not my purpose to bad-mouth the armed forces. As I said earlier, warrior types love to fight and the military is a perfect expression for their desire to mix it up. The rest of us just have to wise up and stop trying to 'fix' them. The [warriors] of the world are not going to go away, because their decisions are fully supported by universal law. There is nothing wrong with someone who disagrees with you, or acts differently than you. He or she is just different, and contributes their valuable note to the overall symphony of life.

"Yes, but the military kills innocent citizens and wreaks destruction," you say. It does. But I invite you to stop them! You will quickly find out what an impossible task it is, but you will probably learn a lot about the principles of the Universal Operating System in the process.

If you do not want war, then paradoxically you must allow all war. By that is meant, you must not resist or push against those who believe in war. If you do, then in your worry, fear, or anger, even if it is only for others, you will begin to resonate to the vibration of war and contribute to it. This is the impossible principle so many wise ones have tried to explain to the bulk of humanity for millennia. Stated more generally, non-resistance to the vibration of X is the only way to guarantee that you will never become involved with X.

The implications are enormous, for it means that you cannot prevent another from becoming involved in harmful activities! Each being is sovereign and has control over his or her vibrational platform of attraction.

What is the solution, then, for those who wish to prevent war? It is to focus exclusively on peace, to BE peace, as my friend Craig would say. To focus on peace and network with others who are also of like mind and begin to spread the vibrations of peace around the world. The more people who pick up on these vibrations, the less chance of war, for those who might be drawn into conflict, in their fear of it, will be placing their vibration in an attitude of peace instead.

The best way to influence others is by setting an example. Help, in the form of persuasion, coercion, reward and punishment, will eventually fail. By living your truth you become a beacon for all who observe you. You walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

It is very easy to talk the talk. It is very understandable to want others to change their behavior, because if you don't like "A," it is obvious that if you can eliminate "A" from your environment, you can be happy. But going down that road is a long, hard trek, for you must constantly monitor your environment, vigilantly ensuring that those who disagree with you behave themselves. Unfortunately, you usually end up morphing more and more into what you dislike. As Walt Kelley, the late writer of the old "Pogo" comic strip once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

The Harmony Project

Speaking of walking the walk, wouldn’t it be a great idea to spread positive vibes throughout the world? Well, I believe there is an easy way to do so. The Harmony Project is based upon the concept of social networks, and the power of love and inspiration. Positive vibrations subsume lower ones. The Harmony Project outlines two simple but powerful activities that anyone can do in their own communities. You don’t need any training, or permission from anyone. It’s something you do quietly, at your own pace. Interested? Look for The Harmony Project in the December’s Spiritual Wisdom newsletter.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to change the world

If you listen to the news and follow current events, you can see that our planetary societies are hierarchical. For some reason, mankind has allowed a small group of elites to dictate to the billions. If you study the history of the Federal Reserve, for example, you can see that deception and falsehoods were used to establish the central bank from its inception.

In a book entitled "The Fluoride Deception" author Christopher Bryson shows how fluoride*, one of the most toxic substances to human biology, was pronounced safe by eminent doctor Harold Hodge back in the 1940's, influencing the public health community to begin placing it in the public water supply. It turns out that fluoride was used in the Manhattan Project, and in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Fluoride is also used in the aluminum and steel industries. Therefore, powerful business and governmental interests had a financial stake in the debate over the harmfulness of fluoride. I'm sure you can think of other examples.

So why are special interests allowed to control the nation's currency, and dump fluoride into our water supplies?

The answer is usually, "because if you have money and power you can do anything you want." The most popular solutions to the problems of hierarchical control are protest and fighting. "If we can just get enough people angry, we can force change," is the common thinking.

Well guess what folks: fighting and protesting against only strengthens the vibration of the unwanted thing. Anger is a lower vibration, and can never result in a positive solution.
"You're nuts!" you say. "If we didn't fight the Nazi's in World War II, we'd all be living under German rule now."

Well, let's ask: how did Naziism rake root in the consciousness of mankind? Through vibrational resonance to it, simple as that. And what happens when you sit up and take notice of something? You increase vibrational resonance to it, and it gets bigger. The Law of Attraction says that if you do not pay attention to something, you do not feed energy to it, and it must diminish.

Does this sound insane?
Of course!
That's because mankind believes that if you do not fight that which is unwanted, you will be rolled over. "What about peaceful societies that are attacked and destroyed by barbarians?" you say. "In the American southwest, peaceful, agrarian tribes were destroyed by more aggressive ones. If you don't stand up for yourself, you get killed. The only way to stop the Nazi's was to kill them."

Yes, and that's exactly the mindset that has led to the ascension of criminals to the very top of our government and financial structures. (See --> w --> for details). It is precisely that mindset that has allowed war, conflict and scarcity to remain vibrationally ascendant.
The fact is that universal principles are infallible. Humanity, however, is stubborn. We insist on our beliefs even when they are killing us.

What's the best way to stop pollution? Or war? Or criminals in government?
The first step is for individuals to WAKE UP. To begin right now to focus exclusively on what is wanted.

What is your ideal life? Do you even know? Do you know what your passion is? What would you love to be, do, and have?
It is remarkable, but almost no one ever asks themselves these questions! And these are the most important questions you could possibly ask yourself! If you know the answers, you can begin to create a life of happiness and prosperity for yourself. And if you don't, you never become sovereign. You remain a part of the vibration that continues to nourish the vibration of "follow the leader," and "oppressor – victim." In other words, you continue to be part of the problem, not part of the solution!

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to figure out what your passion is. Does it seem too hard for you? Well, ask yourself whether your life right now seems too difficult. If not, then congrats! You are probably one of those who are on your path to spiritual awakening.

The fact is that criminality and oppression and all of the other ills of our human societies cannot grow and flourish unless there is vibrational resonance within the consciousness of the people. It is as simple as that!

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration tell us that World War II, for example, ended because the populations of the affected countries changed their vibrational resonance. The fighting, the killing, the battles and the strategy are not as important as the vibrational orientation of the people!

The history books have it all wrong. They describe the battles and the thought processes of the elites as they created and fought the war, bringing in the masses through a strongly held vibrational position. World War II only became possible when enough people began to resonate to it. And people did so because they did not understand the vibrational universe concept. People do not understand how powerful the individual is!

We could stop the war in Iraq almost instantly, simply through a change in thought. I guarantee that if 300 million people in the United States suddenly woke up tomorrow morning with the conviction that the war must stop and that peace was the most desirable solution, you would see a miracle. A culture cannot grow without the proper nutrient solution. A war cannot begin unless the vibrational environment is prepared. That vibrational ground was sowed by 9/11.

What would have happened if the people of the United States simply ignored 9/11?

That question is heresy, of course! Insane! Stupid! Criminal! You gotta be crazy!
But look what happened after 9/11. Patriot Acts, Military Commission Acts, and other legislation that has essentially decimated the Constitution and destroyed civil liberties. That is what happens when you give your attention to something unwanted.

Those of us who understand that the U.S. government and its intelligence community has been taken over by criminals, AND who have the understanding of universal principles, understand that there is a very powerful method of changing the world: one heart and mind at a time. Through the proclamation that we are all sovereign, that the universe supports our decisions! One of the tricks that a criminal government uses on its people is to convince individuals that they are powerless.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Individuals simply do not understand the ENORMOUS power of thought, and the vibrational universe concept! It is literally true that we could transform our human societies almost overnight if more people understood these concepts.

The power of your example to affect others is not understood.
It is literally true that if you strolled slowly down a busy street with a pure vibration of love and harmony, you could create an enormous change in the vibrational resonance of others. A group of people who did this could create a miracle.

Life Experiment: Try this, but do it quietly. Don't chant, or sing, or make yourself conspicuous in any way. All of that is not necessary. You are not a performance artist! You are opening yourself up to Source and becoming a powerful vortex of life force energy that will attract others to you like a magnet.

Meditate beforehand and orient yourself properly to love and acceptance. If you do this correctly, I guarantee that people will look at you. Some will stop and want to talk. If you have anything to say, you will have established a true communication line: from soul to soul. And that is powerful communication indeed! This is the best way to change the world: by becoming a living example of your own divinity, of your own connection to God force. Try it and see if it works! At the very least you will have raised your own personal vibration, at least for a time. And that is the best gift you can give yourself, and the world.

Note: If you try this with a group, don't hold hands or draw attention to yourselves in any way. Just walk down the street radiating love and harmony (or any other positive emotion). If you are resonating to love and acceptance, your ego will not come into the picture.

I am going to start a project on the website called "Day of Harmony Project." Here is where we can all discover for ourselves how powerful we are as individuals, and how we can individually and in small groups, move our societies toward love, compassion, and well–being for all.

* Fluoride is the term used, and sometimes misused, by laymen and scientists to indicate a wide variety of substances containing the element fluorine. Fluorine is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on earth. Contrary to the mythical public image, fluoride substances are prized by commercial, agricultural, pharmaceutical and military interests for their extreme corrosivity, high toxicity, ability to inhibit enzyme activity and ability to disrupt and re-configure molecular bonds. Fluoride is more toxic than lead, only slightly less toxic than arsenic, and is chemically the most active seeker of electrons which it "steals" from its neighboring molecules.
Commercially, fluoride is used to etch glass, ceramics and computer chips; refine petroleum products; make ceramic materials more porous; inhibit fermentation in breweries and wineries; polish aluminum; refine metals; and is used as a refrigerant, as a rust remover, and more. In agriculture, fluoride is the key ingredient in the world's most widely used insecticides and pesticides. The most commonly used fumigant for termites is sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane).
Sodium fluoride is a powerful roach killer and rat poison.
In medicine, fluoride is used in most general anesthetics and in many psychotropic drugs. Prozac (fluoxetene), Phen-Fen (fenfluramine, the diet drug recently removed from the market), and Rohypnol (flunitrazepam, or "Roofies," the date rape drug) are a few recognizable examples of fluoride-based drugs which affect chemical activity in the brain.
In the military, fluoride is used to separate uranium isotopes in the production of nuclear warheads, in rocket fuels and in certain types of nerve gas. One example is Sarin Gas (rated 1,500 times more deadly than cyanide).

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It is literally true that you cannot be aware of something that is out of the range of your beliefs. For example, I have an older friend who has pancreatic cancer. I offered to treat her with my Rife machine. Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant American scientist who, in the 1930’s, invented a device that cured cancer in medically documented tests. This machine is being used by my own doctor (who shall remain nameless) to actually cure people of cancer. However, my friend believes in allopathic medicine, and might not even consider alternative treatments. That’s what happens when your beliefs restrict your thinking.

Would using my Rife machine (treatment is completely painless and uses the principle of vibrational resonance) cure her cancer? Who knows? One thing is certain though: if my friend tries the treatment but does not believe it will work, it won’t!

How can you tell when your beliefs (or someone else’s) are a mismatch to something? Well, in the case of my friend, does she show up for a treatment? If you show up (even if you SAY you are convinced it is useless) then there must be some belief that the treatment will work! Her physical presence indicates that there is a vibrational foot in the door, so to speak.

Awareness of anything is dependent upon vibrational resonance to it. Vibrational resonance also leads to physical proximity. If you don’t like baseball, for example, you will never go to a baseball stadium, even if you live across the street from one. If you don’t believe in peace, you will never sit down to negotiate. If you don’t believe that men and women can get along without fighting, then you will experience a lot of turbulence in your relationships. Your state of being regarding anything determines the parameters of your experience. This is just a consequence of the Law of Vibration.

That reminds me of the time I was searching for a lost TV remote. I describe this incident in my book, “The Vibrational Universe.” The remote was sitting on my desk, literally 2 feet in front of my face. I looked directly at it several times, but I did not see it. After looking for almost half an hour in all of the rooms of my house, including a couple of trips back to my office, I finally noticed the thing.

Now, if consciousness / awareness is merely the firing of neurons, then I should have discovered the remote when the photons that bounced off the object reached my eyes, and were translated electro–chemically to my brain. But I didn’t! The thought uppermost in my head was “I can’t find my remote.” And so I couldn’t find it, even though my eyes were staring right at it!

The Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction tell us that it is not possible to get rid of anything you don’t like, because when you pay attention to something, you feed energy to it, and you make it bigger. Those of us who have heard Esther Hicks speak about this understand it very well conceptually. But it is another matter entirely to actually apply universal principles in daily life! That’s because you can’t be aware of something you aren’t aware of.

So how do you improve? How does my friend who has cancer find an effective treatment that will not cost her $300,000, her hair, and months of pain?

First there must be a desire to improve, or get well, or have a better relationship, or have peace.
Amazing as it sounds, just having a desire is the first and most important step in the manifestation process! Without a desire, the universe, through the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction, has nothing to respond to. If you want to get a job, you have to fill out an application. A desire is your application to the universe.

Actually, I know my friend with cancer has a desire for alternative treatment because I wrote my email to her without feeling squeamish. Have you ever had an idea about helping another, but felt such a strong negative reaction that you didn’t bother? Well, part of that is obviously coming from within yourself, but a part of it is also coming from the other person! Yes, my friends, we are all connected. The statement above isn’t some airy–fairy new–age bullshit. We ARE all connected, through the medium of thought. Thought travels instantaneously within a universal sea of consciousness. Every human being (even skeptics and other dead–heads) is an immortal spirit temporarily associated with a physical body. And so our thoughts, intentions and desires, once launched into the ethers, travel round and are picked up by others who are vibrationally attuned to them.

Can I prove this? Nope! It’s something you either understand, or don’t. It’s something you experiment with in life, and that requires living mindfully. It’s something you either have experienced, or haven’t. And of course, if you believe that you are a piece of meat, you will always have experiences that directly match your vibrational resonance. And that vibrational resonance is determined by what you believe. Life is a self–fulfilling prophecy.

So what’s the point?

The point is, if you want a better world and a better personal life, you have to ignore what you don’t like!

This is the single most difficult thing to do in life, have you noticed? When Esther Hicks says it in a lecture, you say, “Of course! Easy!” But how the hell do you apply this principle practically in life?
It seems to be instinctive in the human psyche to want to rail and fight and talk about the stuff that doesn’t make any sense. Why this is, is easy to understand. We talk about stuff we don’t like precisely BECAUSE it doesn’t make any sense! Because it is the opposite of who we are.

Fear, war, hatred, poverty, illness, etc. are aberrations. They are unusual in that they don’t resonate to who we really are. Like a poison pill that must be spit out, we focus our attention on those things we don’t want. The amazing thing is that if you never admitted the possibility of illness in your life, you’d never swallow anything harmful. Of course, we don’t believe this because we believe that you have to take the bad with the good. We believe that conflict is inevitable. We believe in all sorts of things that, of course, eventually manifest precisely because we believe them. Then we look at them and say, “Did you see that? Isn’t that ridiculous (or horrible, or evil, etc.)” which then turns them into 800 pound gorillas. Then it’s pretty difficult NOT to notice them. Then we say, “it is what it is and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Humanity has built itself a prison of thought and belief and, like the dog with an invisible fence, refuses to go outside the box.

If you want your life to change, you have to work with your beliefs and your desires. It isn’t possible to have a desire unless you actually believe in it, did you know that? That’s why desires are so important! A true desire will light you up, make you feel great. That happens because your thoughts are aligned with it, or, at least, there are no counter–thoughts of resistance. Resistance to anything not only focuses your attention on the unwanted thing, but also blocks the flow of life force energy and brings you down the emotional / vibrational scale.

Without desires, you are dead.

With desires, you feel animated and passionate.

And do you know what? A true desire is always positive! That is because our essential nature is divine. To connect with that divinity, all you have to do is find a desire and begin to focus on it. You’ll discover that all of those negative emotions you had, that you thought were so important, will vanish instantly.
It is literally true that you create your own reality.

What kind of reality will you make for yourself today?

Exercise: 1) Before you go to bed tonight, find something, anything, no matter how trivial that you would like to be, do, or have. This must be something that really makes you feel good. For example, you could say “I want lots of money,” but if you don’t feel really bright and animated, that’s no good. (Rule: if something makes you feel good it is not trivial! It is a precious jewel).

2) When you get out of bed tomorrow morning, decide what kind of day you would like to have.
You don’t have to spend a lot of time at this.

Every night before you go to bed, think of something that makes you feel good. And in the morning when you get out of bed, decide how you want to feel during the day. Try this simple exercise every day for a couple of weeks and see how much better you feel.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


CNN Headline: Officials: 22,000-acre fire was set
"…The arsonist's motive was a mystery to Concepcion (Orange County Fire Battalion Chief Kris Concepcion).

"That's the part that I really can't figure out, to tell you the truth," he told CNN. "That individual knew on Sunday when this fire started that we had, really, the perfect storm, if you will. We had the heavy Santa Ana winds, we had the low relative humidities, we had the high temperatures.

"And then for someone to even think about doing something as reprehensible as starting a fire where they knew the fire would grow as rapidly as it would -- traveling about three, 3 ½ miles in about an hour -- is just really absolutely unconscionable," he said.

Is something like this unexplainable or incomprehensible?

Of course not!

If you take a peek within the species consciousness of mankind, what do you find? Hatred, competition, conflict, war, and a "you'd better toe the line" mentality. Of course there are lots of wonderful things in the species consciousness as well: beauty, compassion, selflessness, and love. But what do we see and hear on the news? What do people mostly talk about? A cursory glance at the headlines shows that the negative is overwhelmingly emphasized, and the positive hardly mentioned.
"Well of course," you say, "news media types are just interested in the negative, so that skews the emphasis." Well sure, but this stuff wouldn't sell unless there was wide interest for it! "Bad news sells, good news doesn't" is the common mantra.

The "media" (a common scapegoat) reflects the species consciousness, not the other way around.
The tomato grows in soil appropriate for it. And so does hatred and other negative emotions. Each one of us is responsible for the present vibrational environment! Every time we think about something negative, we contribute energy to that stream of thought. And the same goes for every time we think loving thoughts.

Is it surprising, then, then someone would start a fire, knowing that billions of dollars of damage would result, and loss of life?
Is it so surprising that four people were shot at a middle school football game in Saginaw, Michigan?

The United States has been at war almost continuously, somewhere in the world, since World War Two. In Iraq we have killed over 100,000 persons, including tens of thousands of civilians. We have destroyed that country.

The national consciousness that allows this to happen is perfectly congruent with shootings and arson, and a lot more besides.

You see folks, we don 't live in a vacuum. In fact, human society and the planet herself are cocooned within a set of universal laws. One of these laws is the Law of Attraction, which says, "like attract like." Clearly, it is not possible to focus on hatred and war and not experience more of it ourselves.
So what can you do to lead a happy and prosperous life within all of the insanity?
My first suggestion is to abandon the idea of "fighting" whatever it is you disagree with. This sentiment is common in the United States. We "fight" cancer, and homelessness, and poverty, and discrimination, and Lord knows what else. Of course, fighting something just places your attention on it, and makes it bigger.

My second suggestion is to avoid "increasing awareness" of that which you dislike. Increasing awareness of breast cancer, for example, gets people thinking more and more about breast cancer. If you are one of those meatheads who doesn't think that thoughts affect your health, then you probably think the earth is flat. Stress causes worry, anxiety, and illness.
What do you think stress is?

It's thinking about, paying attention to, stuff you don't like!

So increasing awareness of breast cancer is likely to increase the incidence of breast cancer. One thing is certain: it will surely increase the flow of money to those who work in the breast cancer industry. Is that a cynical attitude? I choose not to think so! It's an attitude based on an understanding of the five fundamental universal principles. When you understand something, you feel a sense of empowerment. And your anger vanishes. It's amazing! In the presence of understanding, compassion and love grows, and hostility dies. That is why I have written so many articles, books, and movies. That's why I have decided to blog.

The reason for this is simple: understanding is a high vibration. Hatred is a low vibration. Higher vibrations sublimate lower ones. Those who say that hatred is stronger than love are deluded. Hatred is a lower harmonic of love, depends for its very existence on love.
Love is who you are!

Hatred is a turning away from your quintessential nature.

Hatred dominates simply because it is emphasized, not because it is more powerful. If you make the decision to take a hammer and beat on your fingers, you will feel pain. Pain is pretty powerful stuff, as we all know, but love is much more powerful. A feeling of love creates a feeling of unity with all life everywhere, with the entire universe! What is the pitiful emotion of hatred in comparison to that?
The Law of Free Will allows us to create our lives in any way we wish. You can focus on the negative, or the positive. Really folks, it aint hard. What will you focus on today? The bad stuff, or the good stuff? Do you believe it's delusional to think about good things when there is so much horrible stuff out there?

If so, you will continue to experience negatively. And you become part of the problem, not part of the solution. The laws of the universe guarantee that as you begin to think more positively, you will begin to feel better.

It's your choice.

You create the predominant vibration that directs your personal life, and together, we create the predominant vibration that creates our national consciousness.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Motivation vs Inspiration

“My doctor says I need to lose some weight.”
“My boss says I need to get more motivated at work.”
“I know I should clean out the garage, but I don’t feel like it.”

Sound familiar?

If only we could motivate ourselves to do the things we need to do! Then life would be a lot easier, wouldn’t it? An entire industry exists around the subject of motivation. The problem is that there are so many books, seminars and videos out there! How do you know which one is best for you? Well, if there was one technique or formula that really worked, we wouldn’t need all that stuff! There must be something fundamentally flawed with existing motivational procedures.

Governments, religions, and ‘authority figures’ use fear to motivate. That works for a while, because when people get scared, their biological “fight or flight’ mechanism kicks in and there is a rush of adrenaline. The threat of physical punishment often works temporarily to keep people on the straight and narrow. But like an energy drink filled with sugar and caffeine, that high always wears off. People eventually come to understand that toeing the line is less important than maintaining personal integrity and dignity.

Personal resolutions for change that come from somebody else’s idea of what is right or good –– like losing weight (doctor), or doing better at work (boss) or cleaning the garage (the wife has been nagging you about it) also fail.
But what would happen if you were inspired to do these things?

Maybe you’d like to lose weight because you’ve got a closet full of beautiful clothes that you can’t wear anymore. The thought of seeing yourself in the mirror with your new figure makes you feel great.

Maybe you want to do better at work because you want to remodel that kitchen, and you are going to need an extra $30,000 this year. The thought of your new kitchen gets you fired up to improve your performance and get noticed for the new administrative position that is opening up.
And for something more mundane like a clean garage, well, every time you want to cut the grass you have to unpile the junk from on top of the lawnmower. And really, it’s getting pretty hard to find your toolbox too. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clean space where it’s easy to get the stuff you need?

There are millions of ways to get inspired, all of them probably different for each person. Motivational techniques, however, are a kind of sales job, where the sales pitch comes from somebody else. Sometimes you can convince yourself to go along for a while, but eventually you just tell the salesman to shutup and go away!

There is a subtle but significant difference between motivation and inspiration. You need to get motivated to do something you feel you should do. Usually these are tasks dictated from outside yourself.
Inspiration, however, is an entirely different animal. Inspiration comes wholly from within, and is something that connects you with the creative energy of the universe, and your Higher Self.

Motivation is the source of countless New Years resolutions (and those at other times of the year) that never are seen to fruition.
Inspiration is the source of passion and success.

Inspired people change the world. Motivated people work really hard and eventually fail.
Sometimes motivation can turn into inspiration! This happens when you find a reason to get personally fired up about what you are doing. And when that happens, you soar.

What’s the solution? Don’t motivate yourself! Throw away those motivational speeches and books. If your life isn’t going the way you’d like, sit down and ask yourself what you really want. Ask yourself why you are doing the things you’re doing.

When you do this consciously, you will discover a lot of crummy reasons for doing the things you don’t like, and a lot of good reasons for doing the things you do like.
The next step is to do more of the things you like, and less of the things you don’t like!
Or find better reasons for doing the things you have to do (like work).

I can tell you from personal experience that if you just find a couple of minutes each day to do something you love, your life will change. You will soon discover that those few minutes are the most powerful and enjoyable of your day. And remarkably, you will have more time in your day to do them, without losing time or getting stressed out on your other obligations.
Try it and see!

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The Big Picture

Saturday, October 20, 2007


How do you get yourself motivated to do the things you should do?

How do you motivate yourself to do the things you want to do?

Motivation is one of the most popular areas in the self–improvement field.
Inspirational speakers are celebrated for their ability to make you feel wonderful. But if you are like me, that high wears off after a while. Then what do you do?

Many of the motivational programs are “ten step formulas” or other recipe–like structures that make success sound simple and easy.

The problem is that they are based on what worked for somebody else, but they don’t work for you! Otherwise, why are you reading this article? If motivational formulas were effective, there wouldn’t be so many books, seminars, and articles written about the subject.

Motivational programs are effective only when they align you with an inner desire that is aligned to what you want. The problem is, there is no formula for that!

Take Biff Bifferson, for example. Biff made several million dollars in his widget marketing business. He has written down every step he took, right down to the last detail. He's really excited to teach you how to do it too, so he creates a seminar and explains everything you need to do to duplicate his success. But Biff is genuinely puzzled when only a few can do it, while the rest fail.

Biff thinks that there is some magic in his action steps, not understanding that only when your personal creative process is aligned to those actions can you succeed.

Biff doesn't understand that he can't teach you the personal alignment of thought and intent that lead to his success. He can only teach you the actions he took based on that personal alignment.

This is the reason you have not yet had success.

There are probably a few in the audience at Biff's marketing seminar who think just like Biff; for them, his program will be easy because they are already aligned to it. But what about the others? They will fail, it's as simple as that.

It's just common sense! No matter how good the program, if what you are trying to do doesn't feel right to you, then you won't do it. Either that, or you will attempt to bull your way through and try to force it. But that's like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

I'm talking from experience. I used to think I was just stupid: why can't I get the results these other guys get? Until I realized that I was approaching the problem backwards.

The same applies to self-improvement books and seminars. Eckhart Tolle found enlightenment, but how many people who have read his book have done so? How many who have read "Think and Grow Rich" have gotten rich? I've never read that book myself, but I know some mighty poor people who have.
Like me, you have probably already tried many self-improvement or success programs, but they haven't worked as well as you thought.

They haven't worked because there is a crucial element missing from all of them.

That missing element is your personal alignment to it. And no one can teach you that! However, you can learn to teach yourself! That’s the exciting news.
The fact is that no one can know what is going on in your head except you. Nobody knows your likes and dislikes better than you. So the solution is to yourself establish the state of being necessary for your personal success. Guess what? That’s what all personal coaches, mentors, motivational programs and inspirations speakers are doing! That’s the BIG SECRET to success!

What good does it do to study Biff's successful formula (or anyone else's) if you are not aligned to it? The answer is, it doesn't do you any good at all.
That's why people spend tons of money and time looking for that special program, book, or seminar that will connect with them.

Here are the keys to success:
Key #1: Find a desire that lights you up.
Key #2: Align your thoughts and actions toward that desire.

Number One is the most important key. Folks, if you don’t have that desire, that passion, forget it! You won’t be motivated enough to create something that people will want! Or have the interest to see your project through to completion with the drive, eagerness and energy it takes to launch it out into the world.

The key to success in anything is doing it with passion and joy, for these emotions link you at the most fundamental level with every being on earth. Passion, joy, excitement and well being are who you are!

When you are excited about your project, others will be as well. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. It’s infectious, in a good way.

I remember seeing a jazz and blues concert in 1972. An old guy with a croaking voice and an out of tune guitar came on the stage and began to sing. This guy sounded terrible at first –– he missed every note, didn’t play well, and his voice trembled. But the crowd of several thousand almost immediately shut up and began to listen.
Know why?
Because that cat put his heart and soul into that performance. And why was he able to do that? Because he had connected with his passion and brought it out for everyone to see.
And it was awesome!
You could have heard a pin drop during the 5 minutes the old guy was up on stage. That’s what passion and desire will do for you. It’s why successful people always say, “I love what I do!”

Key #1: Find a desire within you that lights you up.
Key #2: Align your thoughts and actions toward that desire.
That’s it.

Too simple for you?
Do you need it more complicated than that?
If you do, your road to success will be a longer and bumpier one.
The first ingredient is the key. You have to find that desire within you that lights you up.

Not someone else’s desire.

If you look at successful people, even those like Mother Theresa who have dedicated their lives to others, you will find that their motivation comes from within. Even the most selfless person helps others because it feels good inside.

This isn’t selfishness; quite the contrary. All motivation comes from uncovering the desire that unlocks, for you, the creative energy of the universe. This is the energy that keeps the earth in orbit and the sun shining. It is the most powerful stuff in the universe. And it is who you are!
All successful people have found that inner desire and have aligned their thoughts and actions toward it.

That’s your job. Your job is to perform these two simple steps. There isn’t any formula or recipe that can tell you how to do it. Bit now you at least have a plan. Now, when you talk to your mentor, you can direct him or her to lead you in the right direction. Now, when you read those self–help books or take those seminars, you’ll know where you are going.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Politics: Bread and Circuses

There’s an old saying: “If you want to know what’s really going on, follow the money trail.”
If you do not understand money, banking and finance, you cannot really understand politics. For the motivation of politics and politicians is ultimately the accumulation of money and resources. Money and resources = power.

Many people object to this statement. One of my clients said, “I grew up in the 60’s during the civil rights movement. That was a purely political and altruistic agenda that had nothing to do with money.”
In the 1960’s however, the United States was unquestionably the world’s greatest economic power. Our currency was strong. When you are abundant and strong, you feel magnanimous. In 2007, our economy is weak, our debt is high and our currency is declining. The current corrupt and mean–spirited political environment is a reflection of our country’s declining economic status.

The OMB predicts that by the year 2012, the national debt of the United States will be 11.466 trillion dollars. This figure does NOT account for unfunded liabilities like Social Security.
The total amount of dollar denominated debt (including unregistered derivatives securities) worldwide has been estimated at 1.2 quadrillion dollars. That’s right folks. 1.2 quadrillion. The dollar has been hyper–inflated on a planetary scale.

How has this happened? To understand that, you have to understand how money is created and manipulated. A great place to start is to read this book.

The money we use is monetized debt. It has no value whatsoever. Today, money is not backed by anything tangible, other than the “full faith and credit of the United States.” What does that mean? It means the future work, sweat and productivity of the American people. It is a startling fact that if all dollar denominated loans and debts were paid off, all of our money would disappear. Therefore, even if Congress wanted to pay off the national debt, it could not do so without destroying the economy!

Look at the top of any bill of any denomination, and you will find “Federal Reserve Note.” Do you know what a note is? It is a promise to pay, a certificate of debt. The money we use are just fancy IOU’s. Unfortunately, the Fed, in cooperation with Congress, has played fast and loose with our currency. When you discover how money is created, you will understand the truth of this statement: “Money DOES grow on trees.” Those who control the creation of money control the economy, and to a certain extent, the lives of everyone in the nation. Economic cycles of boom and bust are not natural economic occurrences, but artificially created conditions due to the manipulation of the money supply.

Did you know that legal tender laws FORCE Americans to use Federal Reserve Notes? Look on the left hand side of the bill: “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” It is illegal in the United States to use gold or silver as money. If you refuse to accept Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for your valuable goods and services, you can be thrown in jail. The power of the State is used to enforce legal tender laws.

The debasing of our currency (and thus our economy) is the most important crisis facing our country, and the world, because the dollar is the linchpin of international finance. [1] The growth of the unregistered derivatives market has hyper–inflated the dollar to the point where the international financial and banking system is in turmoil. At the present moment, and behind the theater of politics, the world is confronted with an international banking and currency crisis which is being completely ignored by the mass media in the United States (so what else is new?)

Called “Wantagate” by those in the know, it is a story of fraudulent financial manipulation that involves the highest banking and political officials in the United States, and the world.

How can such a gigantic crisis go unreported?

Because the focus is on politics!

Pick up a copy of the New York Times, the Washington Post, or the L.A. Times. Listen to the news. Listen to NPR.
The news is, almost exclusively, political. What economic news is reported is mostly mundane stuff like the Dow Jones industrial average.

Politics and political intrigue obscures the fundamental economic and financial realities underlying the actions politicians take. In other words, the bread and circuses of politics takes your attention away from the money trail. Following the money trail will ALWAYS explain the actions of politicians.
For example, why did we go to war in Iraq?

The government says that we did it to establish democracy, or remove WMD’s, or destroy Al Queda, blah, blah, blah. Former secretary of State Jim Baker said facetiously that we invaded Iraq because of “oil, oil, oil.” Well that, at least, is partially true. According to Christopher Story, noted U.K. intelligence analyst, one of the fundamental reasons for invading Iraq was the takeover of the Rafidain Bank, Saddam Hussein’s private bank. The Rafidain Bank had trillions of dollars worth of assets and billions in gold bullion. That money properly belongs to the people of the United States via the U.S. Treasury, as the spoils of war. According to Story, Saddam’s money was stolen by criminal operatives within the U.S. intelligence community –– with full knowledge of officials at the highest levels of government, including the President, the Vice President, the Treasury secretary and the Homeland Insecurity chief –– and parked in offshore bank accounts. This money is “off the books,” because the people who stole it cannot identify source of funds. In any legitimate banking transaction, official codes are issued which identify the financial institutions on both ends of the transaction, and where the money came from. This is not possible with stolen money.

We are spending 10 billion dollars every day to fund the war in Iraq. The war has so far, as of this writing, cost almost 500 billion dollars and President Bush has just submitted a request to Congress for 200 billion more. Moreover, the war in Iraq is being privatized, which means that private contractors are making billions from this war. Meanwhile, our brave men and women in the military fight and die –– for what? [2]

Governments throughout history have printed money and debased the currency to fund their conflicts. When the currency becomes devalued, it loses its purchasing power, and prices rise. This is the genesis of inflation. Inflation is not rising prices, it is the debasing of the currency. The only legitimate way for governments to get money is through taxation. But politicians do not like to raise taxes because the voters will throw them out of office. However, the political scientists in Congress and the monetary scientists at the Fed have devised a brilliant scheme to spend more and more money and keep themselves in power: simply print and create more and more of it. The process by which this occurs is complex and obfuscated, but the bottom line is that the population is taxed by inflation when the money supply increases too rapidly. Each dollar buys less and less, you see. Inflation is a hidden tax –– a cowardly trick imposed by politicians (and bankers) who hide behind the power of the state to enforce legal tender laws. [3]

Moreover, when money is created from nothing, the size and power of government grows larger and larger, sapping the economy. Money that would have been used to start businesses and employ people is wasted by government cronyism. Regardless of who is in power –– capitalists, socialists, liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans –– political parties always use the power of the state to enforce their decrees. Thus, government grows and the political structure of a nation becomes more and hierarchical, fertile soil for the growth of tyranny.

Political parties and groups exist first and foremost to advance an economic agenda. Study the bills Congress passes. Almost all of them have language benefiting special interests –– tax breaks, government contracts, etc. Political parties did not exist in 1789. Many of the founders of the United States were against the establishment of political parties. George Washington, in his farewell address in 1796, said,

"They [political parties] serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests."

Although the motivation of the founders of the United States was rooted in the ideals of freedom, economic issues –– such as taxation –– played a very important role. Moreover, the creation of a central bank was one of the fundamental issues that divided the founders. Whether or not a political party begins it’s life with a set of high ideals, once it becomes established, it ‘s main motivation is to stay in power. Then it always becomes a vehicle to protect the vested interest.

So people, do not become distracted by the bread and circuses of political theater, for that is what politics is.
Look underneath the superficialities of the news and always ask yourself these questions:
1) Who stands to gain financially by a declared government policy?
2) Where is the money trail?
In this way you may uncover the true motivations behind the actions of the actors on our political stage. You can then begin to identify people who are open and honest, and vote for them. The crooks, of course, stand out like sore thumbs.
Footnotes and References:

[1] In an interview for the German magazine Stern, Allan Greenspan, former Fed chief, says that the Euro is rapidly replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Greenspan said that the dollar is still slightly ahead in its use as a reserve currency, but added that "it doesn't have all that much of an advantage" anymore. And why is that, do you think?

[2] According to the FRONTLINE documentary “Private Warriors,” private military contractors comprise the second largest "force" in Iraq. There are as many as 100,000 civilian contractors and approximately 20,000 private security forces currently in Iraq, and the number is growing.

[3] Here’s an historical example: The Continental Congress, beginning in 1775, simply printed money to fund the colonial rebellion. By 1779, the Continental, which was worth 1 dollar in gold in 1775, was trading for less than a penny. A loaf of bread cost $5,000! In a letter to Samuel Cooper in 1779, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “This Currency, as we manage it, is a wonderful machine. It performs its Office when we issue it, it pays and clothes Troops and provides Victuals and Ammunition, and when we are obliged to issue a Quantity excessive, it pays itself off by Depreciation.”

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