Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Health Care"

I have been around for 58 years, but I’ve rarely heard anything as stupid and as silly as the current debate over “health care.” Nobody asks the fundamental questions. We hear debates about the “public option,” privately-owned health care accounts, and waste and fraud in the current system, but nobody asks the question: “What IS health care?”

“Well,” you say, “it’s just what it says, stupid: health care…OK, it’s a way to ensure that you get the proper care when you get sick.”

But is it? These explanations all assume that “health care coverage” is about health. And it isn’t.
It’s about pharmaceutical drugs.

Look in the Physicians Desk Reference, and you’ll find literally hundreds of drugs listed. But any doctor will tell you that these drugs treat symptoms. There isn’t one drug in that entire huge book that cures anything, so far as I know. That’s why the medical profession is so insistent that alternative practitioners can’t claim a cure for any disease or health condition. They can’t cure anything, so they assume that you can’t either.

Orthodox, allopathic medicine has two tools in their “health” toolbox: drugs and invasive surgeries. That’s what is covered in these so-called government guaranteed plans for “health care” coverage. The current health care legislation before Congress is simply a political payback to Big Pharma, for the millions big drug companies have poured into the coffers of our (so-called) elected “representatives.” In most cases, your Congressman doesn’t represent you, he or she represents the people who contribute to their political campaigns. That’s what the party system has always been and probably always will be. That’s why Jefferson and many of our founding fathers warned us against the party system.

But back to health care. Medical doctors can’t cure anything. If you are given a drug, that drug will treat your symptoms, not the cause of those symptoms. Medical doctors are trained to believe –no, to know- that only a QUACK claims that he or she can cure anything. The FDA is simply an organization that promotes pharmaceutical drugs, and stomps on alternative medical practitioners. Don’t get me wrong, we DO need a watchdog agency to clamp down on charlatans. Of course, there ARE alternative medical quacks, probably lots of them. But if you are going to be paying for health care, shouldn’t you have a choice of practitioners? (And no, the government isn’t paying for it, YOU are paying for it! Our government is bankrupt, and additional coverage guaranteed by the government will be paid for by printing more and more money, resulting in higher and higher inflation).

There are also allopathic medical quacks as well. The entire FDA drug review process is suspect, and some claim that the studies are biased toward approving drugs that have cost drug companies billions to bring to market. The recall of drugs like Vioxx make it plain that the FDA approval process has serious flaws.

A TRUE health care bill would include coverage for tried and proven alternative health systems like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbology, reflexology, etc. These are systems that strive to ACTUALLY CURE your condition, not mask it so that you have to keep buying drugs. And a rational health care would also include coverage for proven new therapies such as Rife technology. Royal Raymond Rife, a brilliant American scientist, cured cancer back in 1934. A banquet was held in his honor back then, attended by prominent scientists and physicians in Southern California, called “The End to All Diseases.” I know a doctor (who shall remain nameless of course) who is getting cancer cure rates over 94% using Rife technology, as opposed to under 5% with chemo. And chemo costs a bundle, whereas Rife is much, much cheaper and safer.

A rational health care debate would first ask the question, “what is health care?” and define it. And then proceed from there. But of course, that cannot be done. For to ask that question would bring forth all sorts of unpleasant realities about the pharmaceutical industry and BOTH parties’ connection to it. The Republican opposition to health care is mere grandstanding.

So the next time someone asks you whether you have health care coverage, ask them what they mean by health care. I’ll bet you most people can’t even answer that basic question intelligently. And while you’re at it, look up who your representatives in Congress are, and how they voted on issues that are important to you.

:-) Ken




The Denouement

Denouement is a French word that means 'the outcome of a complex sequence of events.' It comes from the from the French denouer, 'to untie', and originally from the Latin nodus, 'a knot.' My old Webster's New College Dictionary also lists definition 3 as 'any final revelation or outcome.'

Events on planet earth are approaching a denouement. However, most of the action is in the plane of subtle energy. By this I mean the invisible vibrational milieu that surrounds us, and that cocoons all Form. The ancients referred to this as the aether, or the ether. The famous experiment by Mickelson and Morely in 1887 proved, for physicists, the absence of an ether that carried electromagnetic radiation (light); from this physical discovery Einstein later developed his Special and General Theories of Relativity, which stated(among other things) the light travels in a vacuum. The ether I am talking about, however, is far more subtle, and represents the invisible realm of consciousness, what my guidance calls "Native State.'

Physical events always follow and are programmed by what happens on this subtle but powerful vibrational plane of thought and intention. Physical matter and energy is a manifestation of the action of subtle energy, somewhat like an oil extract is a condensation from plants. Human DNA, and everything we see around us are vibrational in nature and seem solid because our physical senses are vibrationally tuned to them. When two vibrations match, perception is possible. This is explained fully in my book, "The Vibrational Universe," and especially in the Appendices to the book. It is also explained in my movie, "The Vibrational Universe."

To understand the approaching denouement of the human race, one must not be fooled by events happening on the physical plane. The insanity of grossly harmful deficit spending (at least in the United States), the growing power of governments all over the world, and the suppression of individual freedoms, are but a mere background phenomenon. What is driving the events we see on earth today is the increasing desire of humanity for permanent, positive change, and a greater recognition of, for want of a better way to say it, the individual divinity and connection to source energy. The divine, God, consciousness, spirituality, prana, chi, Ka; all these terms are expressions for the energy of consciousness itself. This energy plays a vital role in the events that unfold on earth. For millennia, humanity has been mired in a collection of adolescent and self-destructive belief systems. We all know what these old beliefs are, for we see them acted out upon the political and economic stages of our world, every day. Those who adhere to the old memes know only one way to behave, and that is within the old paradigm of thought. Their solutions to everything are hierarchical, where a few at the top control the masses at the bottom. The geometric nature of their beliefs is pyramidical, with a few at the top and everyone else at the bottom. However, these belief systems are self-defeating because they inherently constrict thought and action to a vibrationally lower set of activities that are rapidly becoming less and less effective. The movement of consciousness is toward greater cooperation and harmony, greater abundance and greater empowerment for individuals; which will ultimately result in the ability to form powerful groups that act naturally for the benefit of individuals, and—without conflict of any kind—also for the greater good.

The "greater goods" is a concept that has little meaning in the old paradigm of thought, which is based upon control from above. Power, in the old belief system, simply means control, and comes from an inner insecurity. Control means the denial of self -empowerment and the suppression of one's connection to source. This way of thinking and acting is rapidly becoming disempowered, for the simple reason that it is vibrationally inadequate to keep up with the rising vibration in human consciousness, This rising vibration is in turn reflected in the ethers, which have a direct (but as yet unknown to science) effect on the physical. I have talked about this extensively on the Interview With Spirit show; the rapid population growth represents the desire of the race for spiritual maturity. As the human population increases, there is a greater interaction between the individual energy fields of humans with the planetary field, and the "etheric substrate" itself. This is causing an increase in frequency within the species consciousness, which in turn is raising the background vibration of the planet as a whole. Therefore, those who operate on the basis of the old memes of hierarchy, control, greed, and problem resolution through conflict are finding themselves marooned on a desert island as the waters rise around them. Their sphere of action is becoming more and more limited, and in their fear, they react in adolescent, but predictable ways. In fact, these people are severely limited by their own belief systems, which are becoming, in the rising overall vibration, more and more unsupported.

There is nothing to fear from the upcoming 2012, for example. Ludicrous and silly movies like "2012" are the product of severely limited and disordered minds that have no understanding or connection to the new paradigm of thought that is rapidly being created, not only by "lightworkers" and others who understand their divine nature and their connection to source, but also by the great majority of human beings under the fat part of the Bell curve. People all over the planet are beginning to feel stirrings in the ethers, and are beginning to react positively.

The negativity we see is the result of those in "power" reacting in the only way they know how, but it is also due to the old beliefs of humanity rising to the surface from the muddy river bottom. These old beliefs are coming up for inspection and are being acted out on the physical stage. Vibrationally speaking, this phenomenon is natural and inevitable: when a lower vibrational cyst meets a higher vibration, the cyst becomes exposed as the dark environment surrounding it becomes sublimated.

This is what most people don't get: When you REALLY begin to change, all of your old thoughts and beliefs are exposed. If you resist these dark areas, you re-empower them. But if you can recognize them for hat they are – old thought forms that have been created by you, and have your energy signature upon them (that's why they are so recognizable and so terrifying; because you created them in a lower vibrational state!) – then they will disappear. That is because it is not possible to see something unless you have vibrational altitude in relation to it.

So events like draconian legislation passed in the United States, the Fort Hood incident, Congressional and governmental corruption on a planetary scale, the world economic crisis, all of these things are the physical expression of the old memes coming to the surface, demanding attention. They are the result of a RISING vibration, not a falling one!

Therefore, fear of something that we have created, and have been living for thousands of years, is just silly! When you have a mess in your house and look around, you may feel disgusted, but you shouldn't be fearful! You just dig in and clean up the yukky stuff. Funny, isn’t it, that just a few months ago that mess seemed entirely natural, and you didn't even notice it! But now, in your higher awareness, you realize that you have been living in a pig-sty. Well, that is what is happening with the human race recently. We are all, individually and as a species, approaching a denouement. We are coming to a recognition of our own polluted and sick belief systems, which have formed around our collective psyche's just like cysts in the body, and we are releasing them. But along the way, of course, we FEEL them and we EXPEIENCE them! That is what happens when you REALLY begin to change for the better.

The denouement represents the creation and the activation of a new set of beliefs that are much more consonant with who we are: divine, spiritual beings who have come to earth to raise an adolescent species to maturity, and create a new "golden age" 0f alignment with source.
:-) ken


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toward A Science of Human Beliefs Is scarcity a law of nature, or something peculiar to planet earth? Observing nature, we see that species populations are regulated through predation, or when resources become scarce. Almost all species fight to maintain territory and secure food. In human societies, the prevalent mode of problem-solving is to war upon other groups to secure scarce resources, such as oil. The system, and nature itself, seems to be set up for a zero sum game. Scarcity – of energy, of food, of water, of medical treatment, and a host of other resources, seems to be an underlying principle for the human race. Is this natural? It obviously is on earth. But what if the scarcity we observe all around us is merely a result of our own belief systems, and not a law of nature? The human race’s total immersion in our own belief systems – a form of blindness -- even leads us to conclude that earth is the only planet in the universe with intelligent life. We assume that if there is life on other planets, it will have evolved in a similar fashion to earth, and have similar belief systems. Like adolescents (or monkeys who hold their hands in front of their faces) we project our consciousness onto the rest of existence. The human view of the universe, I would argue, is as parochial as the small-town hick who comes to the Big City (and soon finds his narrow worldview overset). It is as parochial as the squirrel who chitters on the tree and sees himself as the center of the universe, and, in his limited understanding, thinks that he knows all there is to know. Our narrow view of life also applies to the human view of the race itself. And the way humanity views itself is vitally important in determining our evolution. Scarcity (or any limiting concept), I would argue, is a state of mind. A military man sees the world in terms of armed camps, and the only reasonable method of gaining resources or power is through armed conflict. Thought and belief determine action, yet the importance of thought and belief in determining the direction of our species is ignored. We all, obviously, see the world through the filter of our own belief systems. It is apparent that through 5,000 years of history, humankind has created a consciousness that resonates to the idea that there is only so much to go around. This has led to a “have and have not” mentality, which creates hierarchical societies shaped like pyramids, with a few at the top who make decisions for the rest of us. It has also led to a science that believes in the inefficient and forcible extraction of energy from the explosion of fossil fuels. Such a belief is perfectly consonant with a consciousness of scarcity. Democracy is an attempt by mankind to organize itself based around the idea of liberty and equality for all. However, practically, democracies have evidently devolved back to the old ideas of scarcity, which results in favoritism and aggrandizement of resources into the hands of a few (banks and corporate interests) to which the government shows undue favor. Throughout history our societies, even though they may have experienced golden ages, have eventually devolved back to the same set of limiting beliefs, and have imploded. This argues that mankind has created a consciousness mired in limiting and destructive beliefs. If your thoughts resonate to scarcity, you will create societies that resonate to scarcity and that reflect the belief in scarcity: greed, poverty, injustice, control from above, problem resolution through argumentation and conflict, and all of the ills we observe in human organizations. And, of course, they will eventually fail. In all cases, what is manifested in our societies comes forth from the set of beliefs held by the population as a whole. If you believe in the idea that there is only so much to go around, your political structures and your economies get set up that way. Not only that, but your science also gets set up that way. Science has become the new religion of our materialistic culture. Science is so complicated that only a minuscule fraction of the population can understand the complex mathematics that science uses as its language. Therefore, scientific pronouncements go largely unchallenged. But the accepted scientific paradigm is based upon the same set of limiting beliefs that form the whole of our human consciousness. Science is not exempt from the strictures of belief! And these beliefs are wholly uninspected. Only maverick scientists, in this setup, have the credibility necessary to challenge the religion of science. But their voices are drowned within the mainstream. For example, plasma physicists challenge the idea that the sun is a hydrogen-helium fusion reactor. They state that the fundamental state of matter is a plasma, a gas composed of charged particles that exists throughout the universe. The plasma theory leads to a whole new way of looking at matter and energy, but it is largely ignored by the mainstream. In plasma physics, for instance, black holes are completely unnecessary, for black holes evolved as a necessity from gravitational theory. The point is that mainstream science is the ultimate authority figure, but science itself is mired in the same consciousness of scarcity and limitation that affects the entire race. Is scarcity a law of nature? Or is it merely a result of the collectively held and agreed upon set of human beliefs? I would argue the latter. Because science believes in the idea that consciousness is biologically based, the importance of thought in shaping our world is ignored. After all, what is a thought? Merely an adjunct to the firing of neurons in the brain. In this view, human beings are biological automatons, and our beliefs are largely the product of our environment, and the chemical structure of the brain (which is why our medical establishment is largely based on the idea of drugging the patient). This can be summed up by the sentence: “what you see is what you get.” Matter and energy are all-important, and thought is a mere by-product of biological processes. In this view, human evolution and human nature is merely ad hoc to the rigid laws that govern the interaction of matter and energy, and which lead inevitably to largely unchanging conditions throughout time. In other words, we observe that almost every civilization that has ever existed on earth has risen and then fallen, and we assume that “rise and fall” is a law of human behavior. But perhaps this phenomenon actualizes from the matrix of human beliefs! Like biological robots, in other words, we think and act in the same ways, generation to generation. Has anyone ever tried to compile a list of widely-held human beliefs? If this were ever done, I am sure that this matrix would correspond precisely to the conditions that exist on our planet. (What is the belief system of the Hindu civilization that has allowed it to exist uninterrupted for 5,000 years?) It is time for a new science of belief systems, based on the simple but powerful idea that thought precedes and dictates action. This puts the cart before the horse, and places consciousness in its correct relationship to biology, matter, and energy. We believe that gravity only works one way, for example, as an attractive force, and we do not even consider that a counterpart – a repulsive force – may exist. Because our belief systems do not allow for something outside the accepted norm, we do not consider – or investigate – anti-gravity. We see, in the middle of the Egyptian desert, a carved sculpture from one single piece of stone that weighs over 100 tons, and we simply ignore it, because to carve and transport such an object is beyond the scope of our current technology (and it also violates the cherished belief that our ancestors were ignorant savages, and that our modern mechanical society must therefore rest at the top of the evolutionary pyramid). At the base of the Sphinx are cut blocks of stone over 50 tons in weight! If someone were to suggest that our so-called primitive ancestors had access to anti-gravity, or some technology in advance of our present knowledge, that person is simply regarded as a kook. Egyptologists proclaim that no pyramid is over 6,000 years old, even though scientific evidence shows pyramids much older than that. In order to get a degree in Egyptology, however, one must parrot back this line of nonsense. That is because, in Islam (Egypt is an Islamic country) the world was created 6,000 years ago. Here is an example of religious beliefs – total absurdities -- infecting the belief systems of otherwise intelligent persons. When a group of people operate from a certain set of beliefs, it is impossible to be aware of anything outside the box of those beliefs. Humankind has imprisoned itself in a set of limiting beliefs. But what are they? This is a vital question that has never been seriously researched. We believe that it is impossible to solve problems without eventually resorting to conflict, because resources are scarce. We believe that cancer is an incurable disease. We believe that human nature is primitive, and that civilization is but a thin veneer over an inherently barbaric, instinctive nature. We believe that energy must be extracted from fossil fuels, and that it is impossible to create overunity devices that extract energy from the vacuum. In short, we believe that what goes up, must come down. And that is how we create our lives. We apply limiting concepts not only to our conception of gravity (and science in general), but also to human relationships and our political and economic structures. I ask, you, what would a planetary society look like, that believed in this way? Precisely what we have created on earth: a fragmented planet divided into artificial nation-states that fight each other for scarce resources. Is this any way to run a planet? I think not. There are no “laws” of human nature, or of science, that we have not ourselves created. When we embrace new beliefs, we will also become aware of new ways of looking at the universe. Our limited scientific concepts will expand, as well our view of ourselves and what we are capable of. Perhaps we may even learn how to carve and transport 100 ton blocks of stone across the desert, just as our primitive ancestors evidently were able to do! Perhaps we may learn how to cure cancer, discover a way to extract energy from the vacuum, develop clean, alternative energy sources and, most important of all, learn how to cooperate with each other on a planetary basis to create abundance and prosperity for all. What is holding us back? Our own, largely uninspected, belief systems. When we allow “tradition” to bind us to old concepts that are no longer serving us, we experience the same old problems. We get into a rut that then manifests itself in similar experiences, and we then proclaim “laws” of nature and “laws” of human behavior. And of course, when something has gained such strong acceptance, it becomes even more firmly entrenched in our belief systems, perpetuating the cycle of stupidity. (The cycle of stupidity as in the war on cancer, terrorism, poverty, etc. all of which only lead to a perpetuation of the unwanted thing). Until we learn to accept change and break out of the box of our pathetically limited belief systems, the 21st century is going to look a lot like the 20th. And that would be a shame, because humanity has an unlimited potential. That potential is sitting right in front of us. We are like the dog and the invisible fence, believing that to change would result in some sort of unpleasant shock. But a belief in abundance, prosperity, and cooperation is just a collective thought away! It is time to launch a science of beliefs. It is time to dispose of widely-held, ludicrous, and limiting concepts of humanity. Let us expand our conception of who we are! Let us assume first that human beings are not biological robots, and that we can change what we think and believe about ourselves. A science of belief would look, not as Jung did, at the “collective unconscious,” but the collective consciousness. We would start by compiling a matrix of the widely-held and agreed upon beliefs of humanity. Are their common denominator beliefs that all human beings hold, cross-culture? Is there a relationship between human belief systems and the actions we take? If so, what is that relationship? What beliefs are particularly insidious or destructive? In academic circles, this entire discussion would seem ludicrous. As Eldon Taylor, author of “Mind Programming” says, “…a hotly debated issue among many academics today is essentially an argument for the absence of free will. There are many reasons for this. In recent years, numerous studies have demonstrated that the conscious mind only thinks it’s in charge. In fact, it appears that the subconscious is making decisions and the conscious mind is making up stories to explain those decisions…. Within the halls of academia today is strong support for the idea that humans are no more than ‘meat machines’—biological mechanisms programmed to behave in certain ways.” In this view of the species, a human being is nothing more than a stimulus-response mechanism; a mindless animal who can never rise above the impulses hidden away in the subconscious mind, and a slave to his or her own chemistry. How can the human race ever advance itself under the influence of this belief system? The answer is, it cannot. Individuals, in this view, will always be slaves. Therefore, if we actually want peace and prosperity for the human race, if we want to elevate the human condition, we will have to find another set of beliefs: beliefs that come from our higher, conscious selves, not the baser, hidden impulses of the subconscious, or environmental stimuli that have already been created from a world borne from this primitive and degrading set of assumptions. We need to create a new belief system for the human race: consciously and mindfully, and inspect the belief systems we already operate under. What do I mean by a belief? A belief is a collection of thoughts that one consciously acts upon. 99% of the decisions we make in life are made consciously. You want to change jobs so you submit your resume and interview, you decide to lose weight so you work out four times per week, etc. Let’s leave the subconscious to abnormal psychology and other professionals who deal with deviant behavior. A science of belief assumes two things: that human beings are conscious and capable of directing their lives, and that action follows thought. A set of actions may become ingrained or routine and may become automatic (and no longer consciously inspected, which would make them subconscious), but the genesis of any habitual pattern of behavior is always a conscious decision. You may become irritated with a co-worker and respond to him angrily, and continue to do so, which will lead to a habitual response. But the genesis of that response was a conscious choice. And you always have the conscious choice to alter your attitude and your behavior. Defense lawyers use the subconscious to excuse criminal behavior, using the defense of “temporary insanity,” and sometimes win their case. The human-as-meat-machine idea assumes that a human being is insane for the majority of their waking lives. Clearly, such an assumption is itself insane. We can and must do a lot better than that! To discover a belief just requires a little mindfulness, and the assumption that you are not a mindless biological robot, responding to stimuli from the environment. When you decided to yell at your co-worker, what motivated you to do so? “Well, he insulted me so I gave it right back.” What belief were you operating under? After a little thought you say, “I was taught that when someone hurts you, you have to hurt him back or you will be regarded as weak.” It’s readily accessible thought structures just like that which cause 99% of the actions on our planet, both bad and good. What would happen if we were to create a catalog of these beliefs, so that people could study them? We’d probably end up with a population that was a lot more mindful! We need to map the genome of human thought, just as we mapped human DNA. Once we have that map, we can look at the structure of human belief systems and change them for the better. An inspection of my own belief systems led to this (very abbreviated) catalog: “I have to work hard for everything I get” “Money is scarce and when you get some, you’d better hold onto it” “I’m not going to let anyone walk over me” “It’s easier to lie than to tell the truth” etc. etc. If you make a catalog of your own beliefs, you are likely to discover some real doozies! Many of these beliefs are simply irrational. But they are floating around in the collective consciousness of the human species, and are being acted upon every day. The human race has been operating from a completely uninspected set of beliefs that have been driving the course of human civilization – erratically – for 5,000 years. It is time for us to grow up and mature as a species, to stop fighting each other, and to put away our adolescence. The only way we can do that is to consciously compile and inspect the belief systems that we, as a species, are operating from. Unless we do so, we will continue to run around in the dark. Those who live mindfully are in control of their lives, and live much more happily and successfully. Those who do not drift aimlessly, just as the human race has done since the last ice age. If you have ideas how a project that would map human belief systems could be rationally structured, please contact Ken at kmaclean_at_ic_dot_net

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soviet America

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
-- Benjamin Franklin

Vladimir Illich Ulyanov (later known as Lenin) was the leader of the Bolsheviks. In 1917, he was elected head of the newly created Soviet State in Russia after the February Russian revolution. One of the first things he did was establish the secret police (euphemistically referred to as the “state security organization”), the cheka, which later evolved under Stalin into the NKVD, under the notorious criminal Lavrenti Beria.

The Soviet state was based upon guile and duplicity, controlled by what are now known as “intelligence” organizations, and supported by a ruthless state security apparatus.. To this day, one of the most feared intelligence services in all the world is the Russian GRU (Military Intelligence). The current Russian President, according to intelligence analyst Christopher Story, is himself GRU, which means that he is an intelligence agent masquerading as the Russian president.

To make a long story short, Lenin organized the Soviet state so that a small elite could control the entire country. He did so by building a strong Interior department with a large military force that was used to crush dissent within Russia. The organization of the Soviet State applied the concept of “dialectical materialism” in which one part of the government could be used to stymie the actions of another department.

Lenin (and his successor, Stalin) created a Communist Party system that mirrored the departments in the Soviet government, so that a complainant might go to the relevant government department, only to be told that he must check with the mirror Party structure. In this way, confusion and obfuscation was created, which served two purposes: it created chaos, unpredictability, and confusion, which allowed a very small group at the top to exercise power over the population (and the eventual collapse of the Soviet state, for that is always the outcome of obfuscation and chaos); and two, this system allowed those at the top to avoid the Rule of Law and play the game by their own rules.

In America at the present time, we also have Leninist structures in place. These structures are contained within the vast Intelligence complex. In 1947, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 that formally created the Central Intelligence Agency and its spin-offs; and in 1952, the super-secret National Security Agency, which is the mirror of the Soviet Interior department, responsible for keeping domestic “order.” Many people think that our intelligence services only operate abroad, to defeat terrorism and protect the United States from attack. This is not so! The NSA was set up specifically to spy on American citizens and monitor domestic activity.

Furthermore, a series of National Security Council Directives since 1947 has essentially created hidden structures which have carte blanche to conduct assassinations, overthrow governments, engage in blackmail and other “covert” operations, all under cover of “national security.”

On the organization chart, the Intelligence structures are contained within the Executive Branch, but the reality of the past 30 years or so is that the Intelligence structures are above the government, and have a very powerful (and unhealthy) influence on government policy. We have seen, in the Bush II administration, how the President issued Executive Orders that simply blocked Executive Branch agencies from implementing Congressional legislation. This is just one example of the unhealthy influence of these hidden structures on the democratic process. We know of many instances where the CIA simply lied to Congress and its Intelligence Oversight committees. It turns out that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which began the Vietnam war, was a fantasy. It never happened!

(http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... GN521.DTLo)

Yet tens of thousands of American soldiers died in that war, not to mention tens of thousands of Vietnamese. How many Americans even know this, or care?

In fact, in the United States today, the Vice President is more powerful than the President. The President has essentially become a figurehead.

The Vice-President heads the National Security Council, which issues secret directives and exerts an unhealthy influence on the President and the Executive branch of government. In the Bush II administration, we had a President who could barely speak coherently. The real power behind the throne was Vice President Cheney, who was in direct contact with the Intelligence structures. The situation has continued under President Obama. Vice President Biden, chairman of the National Security Council, is more powerful than the President when it comes to making crucial decisions. Obama gets all the publicity and he makes all the speeches, just like George W. Bush, but his power is limited.

Our democracy is being undermined and usurped by the secret Intelligence structures.

William Casey former head of the CIA, said this in 1981, at his first staff meeting: “We will know when our disinformation program is a success when everything the American people believe is false.” (quoted by Christopher Story at worldreports.org). Does this sound fantastical?
Well, the unhealthy and covert intelligence influence has led to a breakdown in the Rule of Law not only in government, but also in finance and banking. It is a cancer that must be excised before it becomes malignant.

Here is a startling fact:

On July 21st, Neil Barofsky, the Congressionally appointed Special Inspector General looking into the TARP program (Troubled Assets Relief Program) stated that the Federal government has committed $23.7 TRILLION in guarantees to TARP, which means, essentially, the banks. That’s $23.7 TRILLION, not billion. That’s twice the size of the accumulated federal deficit. It’s twice the GDP of the United States. In his report on TARP to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Barofsky stated that "Although Treasury has taken some steps toward improving transparency in TARP programs, it has repeatedly failed to adopt recommendations that SIGTARP believes are essential to providing basic transparency and fulfill Treasury's stated commitment to implement TARP with the highest degree of accountability and transparency possible." (Barofsky is called SIGTARP).
http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Politics ... 005&page=1
http://www.sigtarp.gov/987egapograbme12 ... SIGRTC.pdf

How can something like this – which will literally bankrupt the country – not make screaming headlines on every TV news program. radio program, and newspaper? Well, it did make headlines in the “Money” section of ABC News, but not on the front page where it certainly belongs.

Where is this $23.7 trillion in guarantees going? To prop up the overvaluied derivatives sector, which has been created by the banks. Essentially, banks have created exotic financial products like Credit Default Swaps (CDS’s), Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Mortgage Backed Securities, whose actual market value is a fraction of their stated value. The TARP program is, essentially, an effort by the U.S. Treasury to borrow and print literally trillions of dollars to continue a financial fantasy. It’s nutty! The U.S. Treasury insists that these grossly overvalued “structured products” be valued at their bloated face-value (the value that the banks claim they are worth) rather than at market value. What we have here is a complete lack of honesty and transparency. Sort of reminds you of...er...the Soviet Union, doesn’t it? In the Soviet Union, the Intelligence structures had complete control of government and finance.

You can just hear people screaming: “But America is the strongest country in the world!!” It certainly used to be, anyway. Now, the United States is bankrupt. Our government and our central bank – the Federal reserve -- simply will not admit it.

The only reason our economy has not collapsed and our government defaulted on its debts is that the dollar has been the linchpin world currency since the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944. Everyone is holding dollars, so everyone is involved. When we devalue our currency, everyone’s dollar-denominated investments are adversely affected. It’s like the old saying, “If I owe you $100, you’ve got me, but if I owe you $1,000,000, I’ve got you.” Those who hold dollar-denominated investments can’t afford to attack the United States financially, even when we recklessly destroy our own currency. The rest of the world is in the same boat as the United States, but we are at the helm, and not doing a good job of keeping the financial Ship of State afloat. Our planetary boat is leaking and we are all sinking!

What are our elected representatives in Congress doing about this mess? That is something each and every one of us must ask them.

Our government has been slowly penetrated, ladies and gentlemen, by the Intelligence power. And because the Intelligence structures are secret and hidden, it is impossible to properly monitor them. We need to open the Pandora’s Box of the Intelligence structures and let the light shine into the darkness.

A democracy doesn’t need secret, covert agencies that have the ability to commit acts that would be considered criminal in a court of law. That’s why there are separate Intelligence Courts and judges. These structures are justified on the basis of “national security.” Their proceedings are secret – of course they are secret – if the American public knew what was going on in the name of their democracy, we would all be shocked.

In essence, the Intelligence community is allowed to commit criminal acts in the name of “national security.” This is completely unacceptable. Lies lead to more lies, and weaken anyone or any organization that practices deceit. (See my blog post "Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?") Truth and openness comes from strength, covertness and secrecy is weakness. Those who insist on “national security” do so because they are covering up criminal activity. It’s just as simple as that.

It’s time to blow the lid off the CIA and the entire hidden labyrinth of the Intelligence structures, before we totally lose our democracy. It’s time to audit the Federal Reserve. It’s time to restore honest money and honest finance in America! This cannot happen unless the people demand it. But we have to be smart about this. Protesting and fighting in the streets is just stupid; it’s been tried, and it doesn’t work. Resisting anything just places your attention on it and makes it more powerful.

Do you want to make a difference? Go to DownsizeDC.org and sign up. Pick a campaign and begin to work for positive political change. Call your representatives and demand to know why the government and the Federal Reserve are borrowing and printing money like madmen, all in an attempt to shore up a financial fantasy.

Even more important, create your life in a positive fashion! Go to sunrise-production.org and sign up to see our inspiring and educational free movies, which will give you a fundamental platform of understanding of the Big Picture. Check out my main site The Big Picture, at http://www.kjmaclean.com. There are dozens of free essays and eBooks for your perusal.

And above all, STAY INFORMED. The backbone of a strong democracy is an informed citizenship!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the movie "The Matrix," the idea that reality as we know it is not what it appears to be is presented. I believe that on planet earth at this time, the reality is just the opposite of what is thought.

In the matrix, a dominating power controls what people think and what they experience. Because planet earth has hierarchical societies that seem to grant power to a few elites and leave the vast majority at the bottom, it would appear that the powerful actors on the world stage, mainly in government and finance, have that power. In my study of intelligence and economic and political matters, it would appear that the world’s intelligence services, linked with organized (and unorganized!) crime, have usurped the authority that once belonged to our representatives in Congress (or Parliament) and our Presidents. A look at the current world financial crisis shows that powerful bankers, backed by political authority, have used “creative financing” to undermine the integrity of world currencies by ignoring sound banking practices. And the “solutions” that have been devised seem to benefit not the people, but the bankers and their regulators who created the problem in the first place.

A cursory look around planet earth shows a stubborn and powerful elite who control politics and finance, while the rest of us suffer.

But I would like to offer a different take.

What is really happening is that the actors who appear to have power are creating conditions that will destroy them.

In the United States, citizens are becoming more and more fed up with government intervention in the economy – bailouts of incompetent bankers, corporations and insurance companies costing hundreds of billions of dollars, irresponsible deficit spending (the 2009 fiscal year deficit ion the US will be around $1.7 trillion) and a Congress that won’t even read the bills it passes. The trillion-dollar health care bill was brought to the House floor and voted on before the bill was even passed. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer laughed when it was suggested that representatives actually read and understand the bills they vote on, as I remarked in a previous post. All of this (and plenty more) have made people in the United States realize that their Congress is nothing more than a rubber-stamp for special interests. There is still a lot of good feeling for President Obama, but he seems to be conducting business as usual in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the critical areas of government spending. Nothing has changed, really. Except that the government now owns a majority interest in General Motors and Chrysler. Does this remind you of communist Russia and communist China? A top-down system of control? Well, it should!

Anyway, what is happening is that government is attempting to aggrandize power to itself. Government decisions are made by a small elite: 535 members ofCcongress and a small coterie of decision-makers in the Executive branch, which includes the national security establishment.

Of course a small elite cannot make decisions for 320 million people without the entire system blowing up, simply because the dynamics of an entire nation making individual decisions creates a complex matrix of interaction that cannot be modeled. Not even a city full of the fastest supercomputers could model such a system, because we simply don’t have the knowledge to do so. A nation’s economy and social organization is an immense, sophisticated matrix that is dynamically changing in every moment. For any group of people - even the most brilliant and distinguished scientists – to think they can create a successful framework of action-response is simply ludicrous. But that is precisely what the government of the United States (and other world governments) are trying to do. Such an effort will fail; it is as simple as that. Imagine a nation as a vast neural network with 320 million nodes and billions of filaments, representing decisions and actions of individuals. Now imagine trying to control or guide that system from above. All of the billions of information lines have to be crowded into just a few cables that lead to the top.

This system is merely a “one-size-fits-all” design that will be about as successful as trying to herd cats.

When America was at its strongest, we had a limited government and a vital private sector, a strong educational system, and a political system that was much more responsive to the needs of constituents. What we have now is a facade; a constricted system that shows a false front of democracy but is actually a cleverly designed matrix to keep incumbents in power by denying access to third parties, and to support a small number of powerful corporations. Such a system cannot long survive, for it attempts to deny power to the majority who actually have the power. Such a system can survive only as long as we, the people, continue to sleepwalk.

If you know my work, you know that I am a firm proponent of the vibrational universe concept, which says that the universe is a dynamically interacting environment where individuals have power and that the universe responds to each person by matching the current focus of attention. What is happening on the world stage is simply that we, the people, have agreed upon a set of beliefs that allow the current shenanigans to continue. All of the actors on the world stage are utterly dependent upon what we, the people, collectively agree upon. If that sounds fantastical, then you are probably one of those people who believe that you can’t fight city hall, that there is nothing anyone can do about the world situation, and so we should just give up, sit back and go with the flow. Well, going with the flow will simply continue along a course that will result in a collapse of the world economy.

What is happening “underneath” the Matrix we live in, is a rising consciousness, a rising awareness that a human being is more than a bunch of firing neurons and protoplasm. This one meme – the idea that consciousness is biologically based – is the primary, underlying meme that is at the root of the present world situation. But more and more people are “waking up” to an understanding that they are much more powerful than they have been led to believe. A nation or a planet CAN be controlled when it’s inhabitants are mere biological automatons who believe in their own unworthiness, which leads directly to the “follow the leader” mentality and hierarchical control from above.

However, as individuals discover more about ourselves, the present system will become more and more untenable. It IS becoming more and more untenable, is it not? It is coming apart at the seams! This is a good thing, for we have the power to guide the future of humanity without resistance, without protesting in the streets. As I have remarked before, submission and protest simply resonate to that which is being protested, and perpetuates the very thing that is being resisted, This is the powerful universal principle that the Old Order has used to corral thought and behavior for 5,000 years. But people are finally wising-up!

We CAN evolve to a new paradigm of thought without the collapse of the old system. We can evolve smoothly to a new set of beliefs based not on the irrationality of war, conflict, domination and hierarchy, but one that is more consonant with our spiritual origins. When enough of us wake up to the idea that we are powerful spiritual beings having a physical experience –which is just as obvious as saying “2 = 2 = 4,” the human race will reach a tipping point in consciousness and what has been hidden will all come out.

And when that happens, there will be such a shock to the system as the Light of truth exposes the seamy underbelly of the old paradigm, that we will be able to change the political and economic structures on our planet in a very short time.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching that dénouement as you read this. And you and I are a part of it! As more and more of us shift our belief systems, it will become more and more impossible for the so-called “powerful elite” to continue in the old top-down patterns.

The powerful neural network that we the people of earth are creating, will constrain and guide the actions of those on the world stage. In fact, these people will be seen to have less and less power and influence as individuals step into their personal power.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fiscal Insanity

"By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose."
-- John Maynard Keynes, from The Economic Consequences Of The Peace

The government of the United States is inflating the money supply at an unheard-of rate, in order to “solve” the financial crisis which it was influential in creating:

Look at the figures from the Saint Louis Federal Reserve Bank. In August 2008, the money supply was at $847.288 billion.

Nine short months later, it is now at $1,774.672 billion!

The government has doubled the money supply in just the past nine months! And you wonder why prices are rising? The Geithner Treasury plans on $2 TRILLION dollar budget deficits for the remainder of his term. What will happen to the money supply? It will balloon out of control, despite the laughable Federal Reserve promise to “withdraw” that money from circulation. Because of the fractional reserve banking system, every dollar issued creates nine more dollars. What will happen to inflation? It will go out the roof.

Why is the US government so set on printing money and turning the US dollar into monopoly money? It’s their insane solution to the derivatives crisis, which is at the heart of the world financial crisis.

When governments become bigger, they borrow and print more money to fund their new programs. This increases the money supply, which causes inflation. Inflation is nothing more than too much money chasing too little goods and services. The only legitimate way for a government to get money is through the taxation of the wealth-creating “private” sector. (The public sector is usually called the governmental area and the private sector is usually called the wealth creating part of the economy, but these two are misnamed. The wealth creating public sector is the arena of 320 million people, all making free will economic choices. The government sector is usually controlled by a very small private elite, who set policies for the benefit of special interests, who in turn fund the political campaigns of elected representatives).

The government sector of the economy creates debt. The “private” sector creates wealth. Therefore, the growth of government is always accompanied by increasing debt and a devaluing of the currency. When government gets too large, it shrinks the wealth creating sector of the economy by siphoning money into government programs, which then makes it necessary to raise more taxes, which further shrinks the private sector. It’s a vicious circle. Every tax dollar the government gets takes money out of your pocket and hands it to a bureaucrat who thinks he knows better than you how to spend your money.

Politicians throughout history have discovered a way around the unpopularity of taxation: the printing of money. The printing of money to find government programs has been going on for millennia, but it was legitimized in economics through the creation of the term “stimulus.” It is true that the printing of money, AT FIRST, creates an economic stimulus, as people have more in their pockets. But eventually, prices rise. This is very simple, friends: when the supply of money is too low relative to the amount of goods and services produced in the economy, prices fall. When the amount of money is too high, prices rise.

How can the printing of money solve the financial crisis? The answer is, it can’t. But the dummies in Washington think it can, apparently.

As of December 2008, according to the Bank for International Settlements (http://www.bis.org/statistics/otcder/dt1920a.pdf), the world’s banks are holding derivatives (financial instruments based on, or derived from, actual assets like mortgages, stocks, and bonds) valued at over $591.963 trillion dollars. The underlying market value of these assets is a mere $33.889 trillion!

This is actually an improvement from June 2008 when the figures were $683.726 trillion in outstanding derivatives contracts, based upon $20.363 trillion in assets! Here is the world financial crisis on a nutshell: a grossly over-extended derivatives sector, where nominal (stated) values of financial products bear no resemblance to their actual values.

An example of a derivative is a mortgage backed security:
(See http://www.riskglossary.com/link/mortga ... curity.htm).

In order to understand the world financial crisis you have to understand the process of securitization.

A security is a collection of assets, packaged and sold to third parties. A mortgage, for example, is an asset because the mortgage holder receives the monthly payment of principal plus interest from the mortgagee. Securities banks can make money because securitization allows the bank to simply package and sell financial products, like mortgages, and collect a fee. In a mortgage pass-through security, for example, the investors receive the mortgage payments, and the originating bank collects a servicing fee. The originating bank can also sell the right to service these mortgages to a third party.

So, for instance, a bank could package up a bunch of mortgages and sell them to a third party (a private investor or another bank) and collect their fee. A bank could do this many, many times, buying mortgages and re-selling them, creating their own structured products (a structured product is a collection of assets or other securities), and/or buying structured products from other banks. Mortgages can become so sliced and diced that an investor (or even the issuing bank) cannot trace the actual mortgages upon which the mortgage backed security is based. This is how financial markets can grow out of control, like a cancer.

Over the past few years, banks have created markets based upon a number of assets (not just mortgages), but have had little incentive to identify the assets or their value. This occurred because the Fed did not monitor the dollar carefully enough, and the government relaxed regulation of the financial markets. Guess who was head of the Federal Bank of New York (the most powerful of the Federal Reserve banks) during this period? None other than our tax- evading Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner.

Properly valuing a financial instrument is called marking to market. A mortgage backed security, for example (lets call it BBMBW – Billy-Bob’s Mortgage Blueprint for Wealth), if it were periodically marked to market by the originating bank, would trace back all of the assets upon which it was based, assess the value of each mortgage, and come up with a present-time market value for the product. How many of the BBMBW mortgages, for example, are now in default? If 10% of the mortgagees are no longer paying, the investor’s cash flow decreases, and his investment decreases in value. Marking to market is not only honest, but it’s just common sense.

The Madoff scandal is just one of many examples of greedy and dishonest private financiers fleecing their clients. But Bernie Madoff is small potatoes compared to the gigantic rip-off now being perpetrated by the United States government on the American people, and international investors holding dollar denominated investments.

In 1999, Congress passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which destroyed the firewall between commercial (deposit) banks and securities banks, and led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis. GLBA allowed commercial banks to engage in the securities process. Now, instead of a bank making money primarily from loans – in which it had to verify the status of the borrower and make sure he or she was qualified for a mortgage – a commercial bank could now engage in the creation of its own mortgage backed securities products. Before, a bank couldn’t make money unless it had made a solid loan; otherwise, if the borrower defaulted, it had to write off the loan as non-performing and put it in the liabilities section of its balance sheet. In the U.S., banks sent “mortgage brokers” - a fancy name for salesmen – out to every Tom Dick and Harry and created a market in “sub-prime” mortgages, which encouraged persons who couldn’t afford a mortgage (or a bigger mortgage) to take the plunge.

Since many of these mortgages were government guaranteed, through quasi-governmental agencies like the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mac) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), these agencies also became overwhelmed with debt. Amazingly, even though the federal government guarantees the mortgages of these organizations, their debt does not show up on the government’s balance sheet! This is just another example of governmental incompetence and stupidity, which we, the people, will pay for through the inflation tax and a crippled economy.

What is the Geithner Treasury’s solution to the financial crisis? I talked about this in an earlier post: TALF: Term Asset Backed Loan Facility. How do you spell TALF?

Instead of honestly valuing bank assets to market, the government’s solution is to “buy back” these overvalued assets at their nominal values, thus creating a mountain of new debt. The plan is for the government to find buyers for these toxic assets, by guaranteeing the risk an investor would take in acquiring them. That is why the Obama administration plans on creating over 8 trillion more dollars of new debt in the next 4 years.

This plan is financially insane. You cannot solve a financial crisis by simply printing more money. But try telling that to our so-called “representatives” in Congress, and to the President.

A further expansion of government influence into health care will cost trillions more. Ask the state of Massachusetts how they’re doing with their full coverage, government-run health care system. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2009/06/ ... re-reform/.

Massachusetts politicians promised that the insurance mandate would reduce medical costs. They also estimated that health insurance premiums could drop by 25-40%. Instead, premiums rose by 7.4% in 2007, 8-12% in 2008, and are expected to rise 9% in 2009.

The new government guaranteed health care plans are nothing more than a transfer of wealth to pharmaceutical companies. “Health care,” of course, means allopathic medicine: prescription drugs and surgeries. When every American is required to have health care, the big drug companies will make out like bandits. The United States is already a nation of prescription drug addicts: what will happen when full coverage for every man, woman, and child is mandated? Moreover, I guarantee you that when Congress gets through writing these bills – or should I say, when special interest lobbyists get through writing them -- alternative health care will not be covered, or will have very little coverage. Just like the Department of Energy spends 95% of its budget on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, while alternative, cleaner, and more abundant energy research gets short shrift.

This is what happens when a nation allows its government to grow too large.

Collectivism, under any guise (socialism, capitalism, communism, or any of the “isms,”) takes away the power of the people and gives it to a small elite in government. It is time for the American people to wake up to what is happening in the United States: a massive transfer of wealth and power into the hands of an incompetent and corrupted government.

Isn’t it time we began to think for ourselves? When are we going to step into our power as individuals and abandon the “follow-the leader” paradigm? Until we do, our society will become more and more hierarchical, with more and more power at the top.

As a final note, here’s something funny and tragic: an article in the stupid, asinine propaganda rag of the old Soviet Union, Pravada (which means “truth” in Russian, ha-ha, what a joke) about the decline of American society and economy. It’s pretty bad when Marxists and Communists call us out!

Next week: the source of governmental corruption: the “national security” establishment.
Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

Is honesty better than guile and subterfuge?

Many people would say that subterfuge is better, because it’s a lot more clever. Here’s how the argument goes:

“You don’t give away your game plan so everyone can see it, do you? If you do, you are a fool, because now everyone knows what you are doing, and your secret to success can be duplicated by everybody, taking away from your profits. What good is that? Would you rather be Microsoft or Mozilla? Who do you think has a better life, the fools who work for a non-profit, or filthy rich Bill Gates? Only simpletons and fools are honest and open.”

That’s the logic of planet earth, anyway.

But of course on planet earth, we live in hierarchical societies where a few have a lot of power, and the “masses” have very little. We live in an environment where knowledge of clean energy exists, but is not implemented. We live on a planet where millions of people continue to die unnecessarily from the disease of cancer - a condition that was cured back in 1931. We live on a planet, to summarize the words of Alexis de Tocqueville, where governments bribe the people with money taken out of their own pockets. What can we in the United States do about a corrupt Congress which passes legislation that benefits only a few special interests? Not a hell of a lot – other than every four years, vote for another Democrat or Republican who will do the same thing.

This is the kind of helpless situation you get into when you believe that guile and secrecy is better than honesty and openness. You get hierarchical societies where information and resources are hoarded, because of the belief in scarcity. You get a “follow-the-leader” mentality where individuals give away their power. You get a false and polarizing Democratic – Republican dichotomy, where people continue to rigidly support one party or the other even though both parties are corrupt to the core and do exactly the same things when in office.

Openness, honesty and integrity is always superior to secrecy, guile and subterfuge. I talked about this concept in an earlier blog post. However, things have gotten so far out of hand that I feel I have to repeat this message.

Here is a little packet of energy – lets call it a quanta:* A quantum is the building block of all matter and energy, according to physics. We are going to call this quanta the most basic “bit” of information that exists.

Just as matter and energy combines from quanta to form subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and the various shapes that make our world, so too do bits of information combine to form subsets or collections of useful data. Javascript, for example, is a collection of information – a programming language that helps us create dynamic web pages. Any programming language is essentially composed of 1’s and 0’s – the basic quanta of computer information.

Banking, politics, physics, are all collections of information. So is a blueprint for a house. All information systems came from somebody’s head – they are essentially collections of thought. Here is an information system – a Sumerian tablet:

Guess how useful this is? Not very, because no one now knows how to decipher the symbols that represent the information being conveyed. That knowledge used to be in someone’s head, but even though the data has been written down symbolically, the information that it represents has been lost.

What is information? It’s ideas – thoughts, concepts, that people can understand. If you don’t understand something, it’s worthless.

It’s one thing to simply lose information, but it’s quite another when you deliberately attempt to hide information. The more you try to conceal something, the more energy you have to expend to keep it out of sight.

Secrecy leads to obfuscation, and obfuscation is just extra data you have to add into the system to keep prying eyes from figuring it out. Security systems (codes, encryption, etc) are always expensive add-ons that take time and resources to maintain.

Even when you take out data to prevent people from understanding your information – as in a file that has been compressed or zipped, or computer code that has been minified (taking out spaces and comments and substituting single variable names for longer ones) – you need a special program to maintain the code. That is your extra data. Obfuscation, guile, subterfuge and lies generate extra data into the system, and require more time and energy to maintain the system. The more sophisticated the information system you are trying to hide, the more effort it takes. This eventually leads to a breakdown in the system.

The point is, information systems are only as good as they are open and transparent.

What would happen, for example, if the inventors of Javascript tried to make it so that only a small elite could understand it? Well, it just wouldn’t have worked, because people are smart and can reverse engineer just about anything. (Crime solving is just the reverse-engineering of a crime – the gradual discovery of the data and the information systems used by the criminal to commit the crime.)

Here’s how guile and subterfuge works:

First there is a quantum, a unit of information that combine into a collection that we call an information system. In an open system, that information just sits there and is accessible to anyone: * Perhaps the * represents an open-source program -- code that is free to all users. What if someone wanted to take that code and make a proprietary program that he or she could sell? Well, they would have to cloak their program with security programming, and hire staff to maintain the security system around the program. The same applies to dishonest persons and criminals. Dishonest people lie to obscure their connection to some kind of activity.

Here’s what a lie might look like:

A datum surrounded by other data that hide it.

The very fact of hiding something generates extra data: the “front.” But a front is also a collection of data and needs to be maintained, because lies are themselves data. Criminals forget this little fact until their lies contradict each other and the system caves in on them. The whole thing blows up – the obfuscating data in their carefully designed system of deceit simply falls away, and they are left with the simple truth exposed: *

The origin of the saying “too clever by half” encapsulates this idea of obfuscation through additional information, and the eventual result.

In other words, lies themselves are information systems.

I heard a story this morning on the radio. A guy (let’s call him Mike) wanted to switch from cable to satellite. When the cable guy came over, he told him a lie. He said that he didn’t want to watch TV anymore and so he was going to disconnect his TV. The cable tech then proceeded to ask him questions for 20 minutes. Mike defended himself by telling more and more lies, until he finally blew up and told cable guy to just pull the plug and shut-the-bleep-up.

Have you ever been able to tell just one lie and hide the truth from someone? Well, maybe if you have a reputation for integrity. But then you got that reputation because you’ve been open and aboveboard with people. Lies, like mosquitoes, breed very rapidly, and come back to bite you in the end. Lies create a sort of black-hole phenomenon, until the buildup of energy then collapses the event horizon – and the entire system -- on top of you.

The basis for subterfuge, guile, obfuscation, propaganda, etc. are lies.

It’s really hard to lie, it’s hard to obscure, because you have to expend so much extra energy to keep the system of lies coherent. Integrity is the reason behind success in anything, even in sneak-thief activities, because illogic and inconsistencies stick out like a sore thumb and are recognized. That’s why the term “honor amongst thieves” exists. The most successful thieves are the ones with the most integrity! The “Ocean’s “ movies, although pure fiction, are great examples. Integrity is simply the coherent framework of an information system –any information system! Without that coherence, the system falls apart.

An intelligent person who recognizes this can cut through a lot of bullshit.

For example, I received an invitation in my emailbox the other day from a guy who claims to make over $600,000, automatically, every nine months. This offer came from a very respectable website. He offers “proofs” – photos of his big house and pool, his cars, and printouts of monthly income statements. When I went to his salespage, I discovered that he’s selling a course that costs $27. If this guy is making that much money without any effort, why does he need to advertise and sell a course for a lousy $27? The answer is that his sales page is a false front, because someone who really pulls in over 600 large every nine months on auto-pilot sure doesn’t need your paltry $27!

Nowhere is the art of obfuscation more prevalent than in politics. Politics, as it is practiced on earth, is the art of subterfuge. Politicians are stereotyped as liars, because they are skilled at saying one thing while doing another.

There are so many examples I can’t even list them. The “Monetary Control Act” of 1980, for example, gave the Fed the power to monetize virtually any debt instrument, including bank loans to irresponsible foreign governments, which resulted in an expansion of dollar-denominated debt on a world-wide scale. Bills that support oil companies and fossil fuels masquerading as environmental legislation, bills that purport to stop terrorism but curtail constitutional liberties, governmental accounting practices that obscure the actual allocation of funds, are all part and parcel of a political system that gives lip service to openness and honesty, and supports obfuscation and guile.

Such a system lacks integrity and must collapse, like the Leninist systems of the old Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Leninism is an insidious information system that revolves around duplication and obfuscation. In the old Soviet Union, for example, the Party and the government had duplicate departments, so that an appeal to a government agency could be overridden by a similar Party agency, and vice-versa. In the United States today, we have a similar system: the “national security” establishment duplicates many of the functions of our government, but these functions are hidden from the public. The very funding that supports these hidden agencies is supported by lies and obfuscation. If you don't believe me, try to ascertain where the funding for the CIA comes from!

The world financial crisis is also based upon lies – the lies that “structured products” are worth their nominal value. (See previous blog posts).

Almost every problem we have on earth stems from a lack of openness and integrity.

Secrecy and guile is self-defeating, illogical, and irrational. Information systems based upon these false principles must inevitably collapse.

So why not just do it the open and honest way?

Not because of any moral or religious imperative, but because it works the best. Openness and transparency is the strong fabric that supports even the cloth of dishonesty. That’s why criminals and dishonest people are often much stupider than the rest of us – and have a much greater chance of failure.

Kenneth James Michael MacLean

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Nitty-Gritty Time Part 3

Even though current events seem to indicate that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, as my beloved grandfather used to say, I believe that the human race is coming together। There is tremendous demand for positive change, which is rocking the foundations of the old order. The "establishment" - which just represents the old way of thinking -- is resisting in the only way it knows how: through the old, conventional patterns of conflict, coercion, propaganda, and guile.

The old memes, or patterns of thought, have been strongly established within the human psyche over the past 5 millennia. They act as attractors do in chaos theory, forming basins that direct thought and action back to them.

Einstein postulated the well-accepted idea that gravity is the curvature of space. Like a bowling ball on a trampoline, space actually curves around a massive object, causing everything in its vicinity to have a tendency to fall into its orbit. When you put smaller balls on the trampoline, they move toward the bigger ball.

Imagine that thought has the same properties. Imagine that the big ball in the center is composed of all of the old, outdated beliefs of humanity, like conflict resolution through war, greed, scarcity, domination, control, guile, etc. Even though these thought forms are irrational, they have come to be widely accepted. And when that happens, they act as attracting basins, guiding the thoughts and beliefs of individuals to them.

If you've ever been in the presence of a powerful person, you know how he or she almost magnetically draws you into their space, and their ideas. If you've ever been with a group of people who all thought one way, while you thought another, you know what I'm talking about. Thought itself has a presence that you can feel, and it can entrain other thoughts to it. The more people agree on something, even if it is nutty, the more powerful it becomes.

It's the same with widely accepted ideas like patriotism, and war, and poverty, and "you can't fight the government." That's what has happened with the thought forms of the human race. We have built a prison of self-limiting thought, and we have been stuck in it for the past 5,000 years. But that is changing rapidly as the internet, and mobile technology, have brought us together. People all over the world are demanding positive change, but this demand is as yet undirected, and that is causing chaos. But it's a positive chaos, because it is leading to the establishment of a new attracting basin of thought.

The old thought forms are now coming up for inspection. As the consciousness of humanity rises, it is detaching from the old attractor and disturbing it. The thought forms of the new consciousness are forming a new attractor. Like a guy stuck in a bog, he's going to make a mess when he begins to extricate himself!

In order for this leap of consciousness to occur on a species-wide level, however, humanity must, as individuals, step into their power. By that I mean, individuals must trust themselves, think for themselves, make their own decisions and live their lives as if each decision has meaning. Stepping into your power means understanding that the universe has been designed to support each and every decision you make, and that your choices result in corresponding manifestations. In the new energy, it is no longer supported to allow others "higher up on the chain" to make your decisions for you. No longer is it possible to sit on the fence, or detach yourself from life, and hope that something good will come. When the wind blows strongly, you must brace yourself, or be blown hither and yon. You must have a direction!

The population increase has resulted in a vibrational acceleration of consciousness, on the subtle but powerful plane of thought. All of us feel this. Some of us feel it as an inner excitement, an eagerness to get going and create. Some of us experience this as nervousness or anxiety. And those who strongly resist the new energy strongly feel depressed, or panicked, as they see the old patterns of thought dissolving. This causes them to react irrationally. And if you have any inkling of what is going on in government and high finance, you know that irrationality is the order of the day!

In just about every country on planet earth, individuals have allowed self-seeking incompetents to rise to the top of our political and economic structures. I have been watching politics for 40 years here in the United States, and I have seen a parade of morons at the highest levels, who seem bent on doing the worst for our country.

But my message is not a negative one. I believe that the human race is creating the conditions we see manifesting before us - there are no evil forces out there deciding what is to be our future.
It is so exciting! This time, right now, is what many of us signed up for. We wanted to be here, to help push the human race to a new level of consciousness. No matter what happens on the way, I believe that we will evolve to a new level of awareness as a species.

The human race is manifestly an adolescent species. The first, very basic requirement for a sane species is internal cooperation. If you look over our history for the past 7,000 years, you will see quite readily that humanity has been fighting a sort of internecine battle within itself. The human race has never advanced for any length of time without collapsing again. Cultures have risen and golden ages have come about, but never permanently.

We have looked at history and assumed that it is a natural law that societies rise and fall, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

The truth is that our decisions determine the parameters and the boundaries of what is possible, and what is not possible. The big ball in the middle of the diagram above represents the collective thoughts of the race. The goal of the old order is to keep the thoughts of individuals revolving around the same tired and superfluous concepts. The goal of the new consciousness should not be to fight the old order (for then the action occurs on their turf) but to create the new.

It isn't possible to create something new by fighting the status quo, because then your thoughts are entrained and focused on what is not wanted. This is very well understood by those who prefer to keep things exactly as they are!

The questions we must ask ourselves are,
What do you want in your life?
What is possible ?

The answers to these questions will determine how far we can advance in our personal lives, and how far our species will advance. Fuzzy, undirected thought will lead to a fuzzy, undirected outcome.

With the huge increase in population, consciousness is approaching a tipping point. But will we go back to the old ways, or strike off boldly into a new era? Will this change be a very small quantum leap, or a large one?

Again we must ask ourselves, what do we believe is possible?
Do not fret। All is well. We are now on an exciting journey, both personally and as a race, into a new level of consciousness. If we reach for the stars, we will get them!

Its Nitty-Gritty Time Part 2

For 5,000 years, human societies have been oriented around the belief systems of scarcity and unworthiness. Opposing that is a new rise in consciousness and a demand for positive change, which is as yet undirected. Our use of scarce and polluting fossil fuels, and our hierarchical political and economic systems reflect exactly what we believe about ourselves.

In the August 2008 issue of Discover Magazine, for example, an article called "What Fills the Emptiness?" stated that

"If some clever engineer were ever to extract energy from the vacuum ("free energy") it could set off a chain reaction that would spread at the speed of light and destroy the universe."

Oh really? Well, I guess, then, that we are forever doomed to use scarce fossil fuels for energy. It's a perfect example of a limiting belief that constrains action into narrow, status-quo channels. It reminds me of the belief that women should not be educated, because increased knowledge would interfere with childbirth. These limiting memes have been a part of the human race for millennia; but we can no longer afford them if we are to advance as a species.

It is said that a country always gets the government its citizens deserve. That's because you can't grow something in soil that will not support it. It's time that human beings realized the power and importance of our choices, and our thoughts, in determining how our societies and organizations are structured.

As David Bohm, the brilliant physicist said,

"there is a universal flux that cannot be defined explicitly, but which can be known only implicitly, as indicated by the explicitly definable forms and shapes, some stable and some unstable, that can be abstracted from the universal flux. In this flow, [which Bohm calls the holomovement] mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather, they are different aspects of one whole and unbroken movement."

This thought has been expressed in many different forms throughout history, and by every culture, and it essentially says that mind, matter, and consciousness are not separate, but united, and that each affects the other.

What is the result of a demand for abundance within a consciousness of scarcity? Precisely what we see manifested in the current financial crisis, which has resulted from an explosion of financial instruments that do not correspond with the goods and services they (supposedly) represent. When you really believe that you are unworthy, but demand prosperity, what happens? You run up big credit card bills! That is what has happened to the human race during the past 20 years: the there has been a tremendous demand for abundance without a corresponding shift in belief systems. The evil bankers and politicians, however, who supposedly caused the world financial crisis - without any help, of course, from honest and blameless citizens -- did not operate in a vacuum!

They felt the increased demand and acted upon it, precisely according to the parameters of acceptance in our collective belief systems. As my grandma used to say, "it takes two to tango!"

It is fitting that the old order has fastened itself firmly within the nation that also best represented the new order of freedom and prosperity for all: The United States. Today, the United States is the primary playing field in which the chaotic interaction between the old memes and the new consciousness is playing out, although it is unfolding in every country in the world. Other nations criticize the United States, with very good reason, but every person on earth is contributing their bit. The worldwide financial crisis has been created by each and every one of us, because we are all in this together. The actors on the financial and political stage are ALWAYS constrained by what the people will accept.

In the United States, Barack Obama is the representative of the new who is surrounded by those who wish to keep the old order in place. There is still a tremendous excitement that resonates around the world at the election of this man. He is a transitional figure who represents the hope of everyone in the world for positive change.

Monetarily, the United States has funded it's prosperity through the borrowing and the printing of money, and now it finds itself bankrupt, completely dependent upon the good wishes of the rest of the world. The worldwide explosion in derivatives contracts, the vast majority of which are denominated in dollars, has reached a nominal value of almost $700 trillion, but has an estimated market value of around $17 trillion. All of the world's major banks have balance sheets bloated with these derivatives products, and the question is, what to do with them? If these derivatives are valued properly, the banks collapse. Barclay's bank, for example, claims assets of almost 2 trillion pounds, while the Gross National Product of the entire nation of Great Britain is only 1.4 trillion pounds!

Because the United States was the leading country financially, and its currency the world standard, its practices represented the desire of all of humanity for greater prosperity. This is fitting, because the old and the new are uniting. On planet earth, in our culture of scarcity, the representation of prosperity is money. That is why the battle between the old and the new has focused in the arena of money and finance. It could have evolved in no other way.

Humanity right now is reaching for a new level of consciousness, which is just over the horizon. The human race is on the cusp of a new understanding. The only question is, will this new understanding come about smoothly, or will it involve a collapse of the current financial system?

We will decide. The actors on the stage are constrained in their actions by the decisions of the rest of humanity. Again, the people who we see as crooks, or as evil, are not! They are merely filling a vacuum of leadership and power that the rest of us are asking them to fill. And they are doing so precisely according to our vibrational direction, just as a movie actor will follow the instructions of the movie director. Would you blame the water for following the path of least resistance, as it moves down the hill and into the plain? Of course not!

We all know the growing pains of the adolescent, as he or she struggles with their growing body. This is precisely what is happening with the human race right now. We are growing, sometimes painfully, out of our old shell and metamorphosing into a bright, brand new creature. What will that new being look like? We will decide.

I believe that there is great, great, vast potential for a huge quantum leap in awareness. When that leap in awareness occurs, the face of our planet will literally change in a very short period of time, as the movement forward that has been blocked by our own self-limiting beliefs, dissolves. It is like a blind, deaf, and dumb person regaining the use of all of her senses. The horizons simply expand beyond what we thought was possible. That which is not known or even imagined at the old level now becomes possible!