Friday, August 05, 2011

Where Are We Going?

During the recent debt ceiling debate in the United States, I couldn't help but wonder whether Americans have a clue what their government is doing. The debate centers around raising the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is the limit on how much the United States can borrow. Raising the debt ceiling  actuality means that the Fed simply creates more dollars out of thin air. There is now more money chasing the same amount of goods and services, which leads to rising prices. Prices rise because every additional dollar that is created lowers the value of every dollar currently in existence, which is why we pay more for everything. This is bad for older Americans, the poor, and those who have saved and invested. And it is bad for every investor worldwide who is holding dollar-denominated investments.

That is why Libya, for example, refuses to accept dollars anymore in payment for their oil, and is the real reason the U.S. entered that conflict. Our government has been hijacked by special interests like Big Oil. Our foreign policy is dictated by Big Business and special interests.

Every extra dollar placed into the system erodes the vale of every dollar currently exiting. The idea is that this extra money will stimulate the economy, but the economy is not responding. So what is next?
A further round of money creation by the Fed is being talked about, but this is just a band-aid on a ruptured artery. The recent debt agreement created a so-called "Super Congress," a panel of 12 Republicans and Democrats who will make decisions for the Congress on monetary matters. This is unconstitutional, for it allows an elite group of 12, instead of the entire Congress, to make decisions in secret about Congresses responsibility on the budget. More tyranny.

The United States is headed ultimately for default or an economic collapse, if present trends continue.
So what can we do?

1) We can stop looking for answers in Washington D.C. That place is corrupted, and the Congress now resembles a rubber stamp for the banks and Big Oil.

2) Connect with people in your community. Create a thriving local community, which will help to shield us from the insanities of federal policies and breakneck spending.

3) When you vote, vote independent, not Democrat or Republican. I always vote for Ron Paul even though he is a Republican. But Paul gets it. So does Dennis Kuchinich, Democrat from Ohio. But these are two are exceptions. If we want change we have to vote change. Let's change the status-quo in Congress!
See this article:

It’s unbelievab­le. The media is still reporting that “the debt ceiling deal enacted large spending cuts over the next decade.” This is a lie. There are no spending cuts. Spending will grow and grow, just at a slightly lower rate of increase IF the plan is enacted. So we are buying a smaller yacht instead of a luxury yacht, even though we are barely paying our bills. Is this “savings?” According to the illogic of government and the media, it is.

We just went through this with the sub-prime mortgage crisis! Banks were selling expensive mortgages to people living in trailer parks, and they knew Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac would pick up the tab (meaning, of course, that the taxpayer picked up the tab). Now we are doing it again?

I have a suggestion­: let’s all go out and buy Rolls Royce’s– but we’ll buy the less expensive model, and we’ll have “spending cuts.”

Monday, May 30, 2011

The recent “end of the world” postulated by poor old Harold Camping got me thinking about the human condition, and Christian concepts like the Rapture. The Rapture is supposed to be an Event whereby the true believers are called to heaven, while the rest of us continue in our mundane and pointless existences on earth. Like almost all Biblical or ancient references, it does contains a grain of truth, albeit a distorted truth.

There are now seven billion human beings on earth, far more than at any time in human history. It is apparent to even a casual observer of life that events on planet earth are moving extremely rapidly. We are seeing an explosion of information, instant communication planet-wide, a bewildering eruption of financial and economic changes, and crazy weather all over the planet. How can all of this be explained?

From the limited viewpoint of the five human senses, it all seems confusing. From the body reality, physical events occur haphazardly and human affairs seem directed by coincidence, or “historical forces.” Attempts to explain the direction of human events usually degenerate unsatisfactorily into conspiracy theories. You know, the Gulf Oil Spill was a conspiracy by BP to raise oil prices, the nuclear accident in Japan was caused by a man-made tsunami, etc. There are dozens of conspiracy theories generated to explain every catastrophic event. We instinctively understand that people are responsible for events, but we don’t understand the broader picture: physical events are a result of physical actions combined with the influence of an invisible, programmable, holographic field of subtle energy that all people on earth are contributing to. Now there’s a mouthful! My new movie, “The Evolution of Human Consciousness,” explains this in greater detail.

Conspiracy theories and end-of-the-world scenarios are attempts to explain the direction of events solely from the five-sense reality of the body. But there is a much larger game being played outside the level of the body reality! We are all a part of this “higher” reality, which is at the invisible level of consciousness. More and more human beings are waking up to the idea that they are more than just the perceptions that filter through the body’s sensory system. People are discovering that there is another level of perception beyond the body’s five senses; a vast gateway not only to the multidimensional nature of the All-That-Is, but also to new physical laws and an understanding of life that goes far beyond five-sense reality. Here, my guidance tells me, is where the action is. It is at this level that we program the stage play called earth, and set the boundaries of what is possible and what is not.

Scientifically, of course, the above is preposterous, and the arbiter of truth on our planet is science. However, science (understandably) rejects anything that isn’t measurable and provable to the reality of the five human senses. That is what it has been designed to do. Science by definition is based firmly within the body reality, and so it naturally dismisses concepts that cannot fit within its matrix of provable phenomena.
To prove anything scientifically, it must fit within the body reality. Scientific instruments are all designed to relay data to the five human senses. In other words, an instrument may display data graphically, or beep when something is measured, because that is the only way data from the physical universe can be understood. The problem is that the scientific framework has been used to “prove” that spirituality is non-existent and delusional. Well, of course a system of investigation that is based firmly in the body reality will generate results within that framework. Garbage in, garbage out!

How do you explain intuition scientifically? You can’t. How do you explain psychic phenomena, or that you feel a greater sense of personal power, or awareness, or compassion for life? You can’t, using a system that has not been designed to even acknowledge its existence. Even so, a lot of us are experiencing such things! But it’s very difficult to explain these ideas coherently. When I do my radio show, Interview With Spirit, I am constantly banging up against the English language. English is a wonderful medium of expression, but it is firmly mired in body reality. There are almost no words that correctly express spiritual ideas! And so those of us who are waking up are trying to express ideas for which there is no established conceptual framework. There are no proper words. It is very difficult.

The idea of the Christian Rapture, for instance, is that those who have a certain belief system will be saved while the rest perish. What the Rapture is trying to express is the idea that humanity is evolving out of the body reality and into greater spiritual awareness. What is not understood is that this evolution is happening to everyone, not just the Chosen Few. We are all chosen! The New Reality – for want of a better word -- includes the body reality, but also makes us aware of our Higher Selves, and the multi-dimensional nature of the All-That-Is. We don’t want to make the mistake of saying that the body reality is lower, or something we need to ignore. The body and the physical playground are enormously captivating and exciting; it’s what we incarnated on earth to experience! It took us a lot of time to construct the physical universe; and the adventures we have all had, from lifetime to lifetime, are the stuff of legends when we return to Native State. But we also need to remember our connection with spirit. The combination of the body reality linked with increased spiritual awareness, and the understanding that our reality is programmable from the level of consciousness itself, makes our physical experience so much better. It’s like having a wonderful dinner along with a really superb wine. Why not enjoy both together?

How is humanity evolving in consciousness?

The engine of consciousness evolution in the physical begins with the rapid human population increase, which is creating an excitation within this higher “spiritual” reality.

Human Population Growth

Consider the idea that there really is an ether, an invisible substrate that permeates all physical objects. The ether would be like a gigantic holographic information system, accessible to every human being, and programmable through thought and intent. We don’t believe that such a thing exists because our authorities are rooted within the body reality. It takes a higher level of consciousness, unprovable scientifically, to even reach for this concept. And because it is outside of the body reality, it is not a subject for serious investigation.

In the vibrational universe concept, matter, energy, and thought are vibrational in nature, and thought has a direct effect on physical structure. Scientifically, within the body reality, the vibrational nature of atomic structure is accepted. It is not such a leap of the imagination to suppose that thoughts and emotions are vibrational as well (for further exploration of these ideas, you can view “The Unity of Spirit and Matter,” and “The Vibrational Universe movie,” free at In any system that is well-designed, you have to have a way to access it and repair it. In every system there is an information system associated with it. Your stove comes with a schematic that shows every part and how the appliance is put together. A house comes with a blueprint. Your cell phone not only has a schematic but a separate user manual that shows you how to program the device. The more sophisticated the system, the more likely it is to be programmable: the cell phone is more programmable than the stove, for example, but each system has information associated with it. Is it such a stretch to say that the earth herself has such an information system? I think not! The earth is the most complex and sophisticated system we know of! This tells us that even simple things like rocks and so-called “inanimate” objects also have associated information systems. I believe that these information systems were used by our so-called “primitive” ancestors, to machine and lift stones weighing 100 tons, and to create a linked series of monuments all over the planet that would be difficult or impossible for our engineers to duplicate today.

So let us assume that the earth herself is somehow programmable. How would we access the earth’s information system?

Holographic earth

We know that health can be affected by stress and improved by thinking and acting more positively. What if the earth could be similarly affected by thought and intent? What if we could re-program what is possible by re-programming our own personal databases and our own lives? If that were possible, then physical events within the Matrix of Body Reality would be affected. In the past we have simply programmed our species for conflict, scarcity, and contention. However, when millions of people ask for greater prosperity, more tolerance, and an end to war, this has a tremendous effect on the earth’s information systems, and upon the species consciousness. The earth’s information system is the background vibration that is the backdrop for all human activity. It affects the parameters of permissible action. That is why we are seeing events changing so rapidly. We, the people of earth, are altering our reality through our thoughts and desires, and this is having a tremendous effect on our political and economic structures within the body reality.

Right now, however, we have not yet written coherent programming for our future, because the human race is still an adolescent species. The first requisite for a mature species is, at the very least, tolerance. The continuing conflict amongst human groups reflects a fragmented consciousness. It’s no wonder then, that although more and more of us are waking up, the human race does not yet have a coherent identity, and so we have not yet written coherent programming. That is why events have been so chaotic! We know what we don’t want (the current system) but we have not yet decided what we do want.
However, the continuing increase in human population will provide more spiritual oomph to enable us to transcend the body reality, and make a tipping point in consciousness even more likely. The invisible, subtle information systems of earth are being programmed every day by the thought and intent of individual human beings. In combination, we collectively program what is possible. Does this seem nutty? Does it seem crazy that all of us are responsible for what happens in our own lives and to the planet? Or do you prefer to believe that there are a few powerful crazies in the world who control events, and the rest of us are just victims? Does it seem silly to say that each one of us is a programmer of our reality? Well, it is silly if you are only aware of the body reality.

Adolescents whine and winge that the world is unfair and that they are not understood. Well, this is precisely what the human race has been doing for thousands of years. We complain about politicians and bankers and other low-life's, blaming our problems on others. We don't understand that individuals, collectively, are responsible for what is happening. We are the programmers and we determine what programs will run in the world; what actions are permissible, and the lines the actors on the stage can say. We, the audience, have in the past, not woken up to our power to close the play down and write a new one!

But that is changing now.

The more incarnated spirits there are on earth, the more the earth’s subtle fields of information/energy become activated, just as heat applied to a pan of water will excite the molecules and make them move faster and faster. By our very numbers, we are creating an excitation and an increase in the background vibration that affects all life on earth. This increasing vibration will allow new programming, at a higher level, to replace the old programming of contention and conflict. As humanity wakes up we will discover our power, celebrate our differences, and understand our shared divinity.

And it will also be accompanied by a recognition that the body reality is just a subset of a much larger, and more beautiful, way of being and living.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I haven't posted in here for a long time because I've been busier than a one-legged butt-kicker!

What is on my mind is the continuing polarization of our political and financial sectors. I cannot even listen to the "news" anymore, because for me it is so obviously just propaganda. ABC,CBS, NBC, FOX, NPR, all of these "news" outlets essentially broadcast the same information. Our "news" services are owned and controlled, lock, stock, and barrel, by corporations with agendas.

We are told that our Democratic and Republican representatives in Congress are debating about how to cut 50 or 60 billion dollars from a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. The deficit for 2011 fiscal year is expected to be over a trillion dollars. Yessir, cutting that 50 billion (in domestic spending, of course) will make a real big dent in the deficit!

Meanwhile, the "defense" department of the United States is spending over half a trillion trillion dollars every year. The United States military has bases all over the world. According to Wikipedia, the military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries, with more than 369,000 of its 1,580,255 active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories. Many of our troops are still located at installations activated during the Cold War. Since 2001, the US has redeployed some of its forces as part of the "War on Terror."

The U.S. is fighting two pointless wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq, yet our representatives and our president cannot rationally answer a simple question like "What are we doing in Afghanistan?" "What are we doing in Iraq?"

A friend of mine asserts that the U.S. military must be present all over the world to "defend our freedoms." Yet in the United States, we have less and less freedom every year, so that can't be the answer.

What is the obvious solution?

We can start by drastically cutting the inflated Defense budget. That is, if we really believe in peace and freedom, and not war. Because our "Defense" Department is actually a Department of War. It's DoubleSpeak, just as George Orwell predicted in his book, 1984. Orwell said, if you'll recall, that "war is peace." How prescient! And while we're at it, let's haul the director of the CIA into Congress and ask him what his agencies are up to and how much money is going in to the "intelligence community." My guess is hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is falling apart and our economy is struggling.

There's a gigantic dent in our budget deficit.

Of course, chicken-little's in the mainstream media will squawk that the sky will fall if we bring our troops home. "But we can't fight the war on terrorism if we stick our heads in the sand!" they will cry. Well, we simply can't afford our defense budget anymore. We have to live within our means. And the war on terrorism is just an excuse to pass more draconian legislation like the Patriot Acts and the Homegrown Terrorist Protection Act, that further restrict our freedoms. The wars in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the war on terrorism, keep us in fear and divert our attention away from the gutting of our Constitution and the destruction of our financial sector.

We don't have a budget deficit in the United States. The IRS is set to collect over 2 trillion dollars this year! What we have is insane budget priorities.

The budget of the Unites States is geared toward war, it is as simple as that. And war is insane.

Our defense department does not defend the United States. It is an offensive organization that invades weaker countries and misspends tens of billions every year. Our intelligence community gives bad advice year after year, and is not held accountable. It's budget is not known by anyone in government. Both of these organizations drain hundreds of billions from our budget every year, and are unnecessary for true freedom.

In effect, the government of the people has been taken over by a cancer that has infected every department.

So what can we, the people, do?

The first thing we can do is stop voting Democrat or Republican, except for those Dems and Reps who show true integrity (like congressman Ron Paul). Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the bad decisions that have decimated our economy, our finances, and our politics.

A Congress filled with third-party representatives would certainly be willing to embark on real change! If we want real change we have to actually change, not just give lip-service to change.

The second thing we can do is audit the privately-owned Federal Reserve. Our government pays hundreds of billions of dollars in interest every year to this privately owned organization, for the sole purpose of printing and managing the money supply.

This, of course, is preposterous when the constitution gives the government the right to print and manage money. So the next thing the government can do is to refuse to pay the Fed the interest owing on the money it has lent to the United States. This money isn't real anyway, it's simply an electronic creation of the Fed, and has no real value.

Why should the people of the United States pay interest on worthless money to a bunch of people who have grossly mismanaged the dollar, and inflated it all out of proportion? We could save trillions of dollars right there. In answer to the argument that "you should always pay your debts," I say that we have already paid our debt to the Federal Reserve a hundred times over. No more money to the Fed and it's private owners! Let's institute an honest money system and let the Federal government print and manage our money, not a privately-owned bank. If we are going to have fiscal irresponsibility, let it be done by representatives who are accountable to the people, not unreachable persons like Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, and Ben Bernaicke.

But in order to do that, of course, we need new blood in Congress, and that means electing many more third party representatives. It isn't possible to do worse than these two corrupt gangs!

The problems that we have in the United States can be solved by the people taking back their government. We must abolish the Federal Reserve, end the phony war on terrorism, and bring our troops back home to work productively in the United States.
Our brave men and women in the armed forces are trained in leadership and hard work, and would be enormous assets in the domestic economy.

The rest of the world is waiting for us to do this. And the "terrorists" are largely a creation of the intelligence communities of the world, to keep the people fearful and allow them to suck us dry like the parasites they are.

If you had a bunch of blood-sucking leeches on your body, the first thing your doctor would do is remove them!

The third thing we can do is publish the budget of the intelligence services, and find out exactly what these fellows are doing. We need strong Congressional oversight over both the military and the intelligence community, to re-establish civilian control over organizations that have run amok.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!